MS Paint Adventures
MS Paint Adventures

Also covering "Homestuck"

- None recorded

- None recorded

MS Paint Adventures/Homestuck cameos/references can be found in:
- Archipelago - Clair must have been fond of Squiddle since she got the plushie! 13-06-2011
- Bigger Than Cheeses - MS Paint Adventures... sorry guys, you had to be blown up to celebrate 8 years of BTC! Strip 793
- Monster Lover Destiny's Path - A the description says... Adam and Tauro cosplaying Dirk and Vriska! MA content warning!30-07-2012
- The Devil's Panties - The banner says that Homestuck also is a part of the convention, along with Jennie! 14-03-2013
- Ginger's Bread - Obsessing about Homestuck is NOTHING compared to Ginger getting into Jurassic Park! 05-09-2014

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