- Shortpacked! - Ken and Malaya go to the movies, but Jason ends up serving past and present! Starting 20-02-2012

- None recorded

Multiplex cameos/references can be found in:
- Taking the Bi-Pass - Poor Joe, starving himself for a Bacon-o-thon... but he can't eat Kevin Bacon! 14-12-2006
- Alma Mater - Eileen must have watched Pink Justice in Multiplex, because Kurt works there! 07-07-2008
- 2nd Shift - Going to the movies, Jason take tickets and Angie seels the popcorns! 11-12-2008
- Shortpacked! - The cast goes to watch Transformers #3 at Multiplex... we can hope it survives! 29-06-2011
- Shortpacked! - A quick catch-up with the crossover with Multiplex... how's Jason and Malaya faring? 24-12-2012

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Theater Hopper - That looks to be Tom Brazelton in line to see X-Men 3 there! 29-05-2006
- Joe Loves Crappy Movies - Joe is walking past the Multiplex cosplayers to get in and watch X-Men 3! 29-05-2006

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