My Hero!
My Hero!

- None recorded

- What it Takes - Colbey and Peter needs to brave the long line that is the bureaucracy, waiting for their turn! 07-11-2016
- Moonslayer - Syrma and Menkar takes their time, and they have to... its a long line for the Guardians! 07-11-2016
- Sombulus - A good thing Sydney, Rana and Astyr is in this together, because they'll have to wait quite some time! 07-11-2016
- Out of My Element - Daveed is not one you notice first off, but he IS there, waiting his turn! 07-11-2016
- Culture Shock - Alec seems pretty bored, waiting for his turn in the looong line of guardians! 07-11-2016

My Hero cameos/references can be found in:
- Nowhere so far

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