Mythic Mayhem
Mythic Mayhem

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- Birbs & Dragons - Is that really a Birb-plushie for sale there in the market? Want! 14-10-2022
- Wellside Wishes - If you really really want a plushie of Mud Splat, then it can be found at the market stall! 14-10-2022
- Hanako's Garden - There's no doubt that if anyone deserved to be made into a plushie, its Hanako! 14-10-2022
- JETX - Somebody has been smart and made a Plushie of Jet to sell in the marketplace stall! 14-10-2022
- Death-Head's Deal - Alrick has become a cute little plushie which you can buy at the marketplace! 14-10-2022
- Mahoju - If you are looking for a Yasou-plushie, then try going to the market! 14-10-2022
- Genii: Legend of the God Stones - A nice sales trick is to make a plushie pf Dellah and then sell it at the market! 14-10-2022
- Guardian Wings - Goch gets to play around with Sausage and taken home by Ethan! 14-10-2022

Mythic Mayhem cameos/references can be found in:
- Loving Wings - Gwydion gives Jess a wave as he and Goch walks by on the beach! 30-07-2022

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