Mythic Mayhem
Mythic Mayhem

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- Guardian Wings - Ethan truly enjoys the cake at the party, Feather... would like to! 11-12-2022
- Spook - Both Charlie and Griffin truly gets into the sparty spirit, tueting their horns! 11-12-2022
- Undead Friend - Mahalah and Orrick both seems to enjoy letting their mortal forms hang out at this yule-tide party! 11-12-2022
- Fuzzy - He may not be officially invited, but Loid helps himself to some of the drinks at tha party! 11-12-2022
- Hanako's Garden - For a yule-tide party Hanako and Dragon knows how to make the most of the bakery! 11-12-2022
- Genii: Legend of the God Stones - Genii seems to have found a fondness for the eatings at the yule-tide party! 11-12-2022
- The Fault - Both the Witch and Shadow Boi truly seem to enjoy hanging out at this party! 11-12-2022
- Birbs & Dragons - Is that really a Birb-plushie for sale there in the market? Want! 14-10-2022
- Wellside Wishes - If you really really want a plushie of Mud Splat, then it can be found at the market stall! 14-10-2022
- Hanako's Garden - There's no doubt that if anyone deserved to be made into a plushie, its Hanako! 14-10-2022
- JETX - Somebody has been smart and made a Plushie of Jet to sell in the marketplace stall! 14-10-2022
- Death-Head's Deal - Alrick has become a cute little plushie which you can buy at the marketplace! 14-10-2022
- Mahoju - If you are looking for a Yasou-plushie, then try going to the market! 14-10-2022
- Genii: Legend of the God Stones - A nice sales trick is to make a plushie pf Dellah and then sell it at the market! 14-10-2022
- Guardian Wings - Goch gets to play around with Sausage and taken home by Ethan! 14-10-2022
- The Fantasy Book Club - In the peaceful snowcovered front yard we spot a snowman in the likeness of Fiona! 09-12-2022
- Birbs & Dragons - Somebody had fund with making a scowling snowman of Birb! 09-12-2022
- Latera - With some creativeness a spitting image of Noruh has been made as a snowman! 09-12-2022
- Loving Wings - The creativeness in snowman-building really shows when you make one looking like Miccy! 09-12-2022
- Djinns - A cute snowman-Azzy has been lovingly erected in Gwydion's front snow covered fron yard! 09-12-2022
- Wanderlicht - with care and fun, a snowman made to look like Pan has been erected in the fron yard of Gwydions! 09-12-2022
- A Demon's Summoner - Its amazing what you can make with snow, and making a snowman of Kali is the least of it! 09-12-2022
- Hanako's Garden - A season-adorned Hanako-snowman is greeting you on the fench to Gwydion's fron yard! 09-12-2022

Mythic Mayhem cameos/references can be found in:
- Loving Wings - Gwydion gives Jess a wave as he and Goch walks by on the beach! 30-07-2022
- Villager Bearer - Rowan, Aster and Goch are all out in the market today, checking out the wares for sale! 14-01-2023
- Guardian Wings - Gwydion and Goch were having a nice gave of pool with Ethan when duty called for him! 12-05-2023

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