Nakama Victory
Nakama Victory

- None recorded

- The Adv. of Sir Power - Vondres comes by and gets a snack while a Ranger is kidnapped! 15-02-2020
- Stigma Chronicles - Beatrice, & Calico get to bear witness to the Colorful Rangers going on the offensive! 12-02-2020
- Altarion Saga - Jelena and Jan cheers along the Rangers in their fight against their enemies! 29-02-2020
- Pine Hill Creature Feature - Stetson and Alexi are totally into cheering on the Rangers... and Stetson know how to celebrate! 29-02-2020
- Down the Rabbit Hole - The cheering by Mika and Muyya is giving off a glowing performance! 29-02-2020
- The Mansion of E - Rosemary, Sylvester and Mortimer have all come to the Festa! 11-04-2020
- Ubernatura - Lite and Azura has stopped by the Festa... the party in need of maids! 11-04-2020
- The KAMics - Soo... one can wonder if Brunhilda and Gertrude are part of the guests or part of the maids? :p 11-04-2020

Nakama Victory cameos/references can be found in:
- Blactail & Marz - A visit to the dimension of Nakama Victory brings a change of style... and instant battle! 20-09-2018
- Altarion Saga: Atlantis - Yuria gets a good kick in during the big fight at the mercenaries' bar! 20-09-2019
- Cafe on Crepe Island - Yukina Ijiwaru works in this clothes store where they have the really cute things! 05-07-2020
- Bananas - Yuria is happily skipping along at the party! 18-09-2021
- Cupcake Warmachine - Yuria is an eater who knows what she wants, and thats currently Ketchup Cupcakes! 11-02-2022

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