Namir Deiter
Namir Deiter

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- Wapsi Square - Tipper is dressed out as Monica in the 8-Ball T-Shirt for the Halloween occasion! 22-10-2004
- Girl Genius - Gabby has chosen to dress out for Halloween as the one and only Girl Genius! 22-10-2004
- It's Walky! - Taimoor and Dahila, as a couple, arrive dressed up for Halloween as Jason and Sal! 25-10-2004

Namir Deiter cameos/references can be found in:
- Fur Will Fly - Brad goes to town where he mess up with Bob and ends up with Blue in this storyline! Strip 31
- The Whiteboard - Tipper is arriving as a guest for the great Halloween party! 27-10-2003
- Triquetra Cats - A fwap to the head, and Blaze's catsuit changes her into Tipper! 06-10-2006
- Girl Genius - The Namir Deiter pet shop seems to have anything for people in need of a pet! 21-03-2007
- Plugged Nickel - The Halloween ninja duel takes place around a Namir Deiter branded pinata! 31-10-2007
- Precocious - Looks like Blue Deiter has also been banned from the Museum... and has no regrets! 12-05-2011
- Precocious - Looks like the restaurant Bud and his mother visits is staffed by Namir Deiter cast members! 20-08-2012
- Unlike Minerva - Why does Joy always end up in the comic? Because we like her there! GueststripWeek 85

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