- None recorded

- Sluggy Freelance - The Giant Gerbils killed? Guess they entered the wrong rabbit's turf! 13-10-2000
- Melonpool - Sammy the Hammy unavailable for comments? Have you tried looking in the kitchen? 13-10-2000
- 1/0 - The 1/0 cast (in their Human forms) hang around the bar where a defeat is discussed! 14-07-2003
- Nukees - Gav scuffles around in the chaos, muttering about undertaking global dominion! 24-11-2004
- Build Your Own Boyfriend - Gwen is looking for her boyfriend, he needs a change of battery! 24-11-2004
- Sluggy Freelance - Riff runs through the Mad Scientist Crowd, carrying with him his latest Death Ray! 24-11-2004
- Planet Earth - Looks like Hector got caught up in villaneous mechanications at the symposium! 24-11-2004
- Casey & Andy - Casey and Andy both take part in the reception among the Mad Scientists! 01-12-2004
- Schlock Mercenary - For the Mad Scientist conference, Kevin is also present at the reception! 02-12-2004
- Radioactive Panda - Helen is spending time at the conference, talking to Prof. Steve & Dr. Eric! 10-12-2004
- Fans - Shanna Cochran has a forced but extended cameo in the panel, but its a vocal appearance! 22-12-2004
- Questionable Content - The story about watching your father's suicide HAS been used before Helen! 25-01-2006
- General Protection Fault - Sexually assaulted by your College Fiancee? Ki has already taken care of that! 25-01-2006
- Something Positive - Hey! It's Davan Senior who has Alzhemiers, that plot you cannot do here Helen! 25-01-2006
- Ctrl+Alt+Del - Tragic Miscarriage? No, we've already had that one over at CAD... not one more please! 25-01-2006
- Platinum Grit - Even though he is a kind of mad scientist, Jeremy is still cowering in the shadow of Nils! 30-07-2006

Narbonic cameos/references can be found in:
- Zebra Girl - The bar can't be all bad, Daven is drinking here after all... okay, that doesn't say much! 20-12-2002
- Killroy and Tina - Looks like Helen has changed from Gerbils to playing with Macaw DNA... for Science! 31-07-2004
- Killroy and Tina - Dunno who got the worst day... Brandon gets to play around with bird droppings and radiation! 01-09-2004
- Arthur, King of Time and Space - Gender-swapping and fourth-wall breaking sound much like Narbonic! 10-07-2005
- Pixelated - Mell gets pixelated in her mission to save Helen... in an evil extended cameo! 29-07-2005
- Get Medieval - Weapon in hand and a determined expression, Celeste IS the spitting image of Mel! 31-10-2005
- Questionable Content - Daven and Helen looks to be out shopping in the vicinity of the general plot! 25-01-2006
- Surviving Mars - Wonder which muse told the doctor to look for inspiration in the Narbonic books? 10-02-2006
- Anywhere But Here - Sure the Narbonic crew could find some interesting uses for Radioactive Sulphur! 14-06-2006
- Mad About U. - Giving an evil laughter, Helen Beta Narbonic is without doubt a hot Babe of Science! 01-11-2006
- Penny and Aggie - I would say Helens famous t-shirt is self-conflicting enough... but the wearer too! 17-11-2006
- Freefall - Saaaay... isn't that the welltravelled Artie (still in the closet) we have here?! 06-12-2006
- Penny and Aggie - Dave and Helen's future daughter has carried on the tradition of having a crush! 20-12-2006
- The Best and the Brightest - Dave and Mel sees no problems in their Law-progam being a tad... evil! 25-12-2006
- Alma Mater - Looks like one is trying to prepare for classees with reading some Narbonic! 04-05-2007
- Everyday Heroes - Mel in an elevator at SAVEUS? What chaos can she create among superheroes? 14-07-2007
- Weregeek - A package-carrying Artie ornament is a part of the great Christmas Tree of Geek! 24-12-2007
- Cross Time Cafe - Helen attenting a meeting like this would have to get NORAD alerted! 04-03-2008
- Everyday Heroes - Yep, she's been there and done that... and she got the Narbonic T-shirt to prove it! 11-06-2008
- Everyday Heroes - One mad scientist and her minions... yep, there's Helen and the whole crew! 27-06-2008
- Busybee Comics - Reversing Mad Science" by one H. B. Narbon seems to be chosen book by Womble! 12-07-2008
- Busybee Comics - One of Juni's ramdom babblings is referenced from Narbonic of this strip! 28-09-2008
- Everyday Heroes - Baristas know when to pick the first who asks about the job... as do Caliban! 10-07-2010
- And Shine Heaven Now - Off course Helen would attend a Mad Scientist Convention, and she seems to enjoy it! 05-04-2011
- Rusty & Co. - Among the horrors awaiting the crew in the Munchkin Dungeon is a Giant Mutated Gerbil! 29-05-2011
- Archipelago - The Artie-doll do come around, and this one has found its way to Clair's bed! 13-06-2011
- Frankenstein Superstar - This Helen Narbon adorning the wall looks more evil and sinister than ever! 07-08-2012
- Everyday Heroes - Bringing Lawyer Kelly into the conflict is like adding a nuke to a fight in a sandbox! 20-03-2013
- Everyday Heroes - Nobody brews Evil Coffee like the one found in Narbonics Labs ! 10-07-2013
- Addictive Science - Looks like somebody found out its easier to get brains if you order then from Narbonic Laboratories! 04-04-2017
- Fans - Hot Damn! The chief villain turns out to be... Helen's mother! Strip 1540
- Smithson - In the darkness of the basement we spot a lone gerbil... Narbonic-style! Ch. 3 Pg. 49

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- I Can't Stop Thinking - Scott McCloud turns out to have been the one doing the evil deeds! Gueststrip11-01-2001
- Nukees - So Darren Bleuel is believed to harbor radicals in Berkeley? Interesting! 16-04-2001
- Blue Neon - When a new cartoonist is wanted, Tom Morris gives it a shot! 03-06-2001
- Gossamer Commons - Poor Eric will suffer Burns if he doesn't keep his place in the line! 15-02-2006

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