- None recorded

- Triangle & Robert - A little ticklish guest-appearing by Triangle & Robert! 26-04-2001
- Ashfield Online - Prof. Ashfield is interviewed as new cast member, but are... somehow rejected!? 27-04-2001
- Megatokyo - Interactive battles over the internet just got moved up a level or twenty in aggresiveness! 31-04-2001
- Penny Arcade - Gabe and Tycho are dragged in for addition for cast-members...dragged is the word! 01-05-2001
- Penny Arcade - Frodo himself appears for WCA, wearing a "Wang"-T-shirt in honor of Penny Arcade! 05-05-2001
- Boxjam's Doodle - Boxjam has become a picture on the wall! 09-05-2001
- Little Gamers - Christian is teleported swearing into the strip... and censored! 10-05-2001
- Boxjam's Doodle - Mr. and Mrs. Boxjam also goes to the movies to see The Mummy Returns! 18-05-2001
- Boxjam's Doodle - A monkey with a Boxjam adorned T-shit? Now we've seen everything! 04-07-2001
- Boxjam's Doodle - Boxjam hits the frontpage of the newspaper! 12-07-2001
- Framed - You can never have cameos enough, especially not with Dick and the Sign! 17-09-2001
- Vicious Lies - Sock brings forth Zombie Dave cause 'he got more hits than us'! 08-11-2001

Necronomicon cameos/references can be found in:
- Nowhere so far

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Penny Arcade - Looks like Tycho was ready to explode... something Sock said? 18-08-2001
- PvP Online - Swearing is heavily censored... maybe that will make Scott Kurtx happy? 10-05-2001

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