Neko the Kitty
Neko the Kitty

- None recorded

- Ctrl+Alt+Del - Rupert the Watermelon gatecrashes at the Halloween paty! 10-11-2003
- Catharsis - Tennibrook arrives to pick up one of the kittens, and she chooses Aya! 09-04-2004
- 9thElsewhere - Carrie shows up with bacon and takes Muffin away to a new home in a new strip! 13-04-2004
- Surreal U - Through eldritch and arcane means, Poe gets adopted for the strip of Surreal U! 08-07-2004
- 9thElsewhere - Figures that Carrie would be there to celebrate "International Meat Day"! 23-05-2004
- Catharsis - Tennibrook captures Keno, and he must be rescued from Catharsis before the shaver is put to use! 17-08-2004

Neko the Kitty cameos/references can be found in:
- Surreal U - As Mr. Piglswitch, Poe awakens in his new home as a familar! 14-02-2004
- Catharsis - A nice, cute and familiar kitty in the house... though Baxter's feet like it best! 07-04-2004
- 9th Elsewhere - Muffin the kitten arrives from oversea to her new home! 21-04-2004

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