- Spoon on High - McGoo and Joe team up at Comicon to create some serious vandalism! 18-07-2001

- Silly Cone V - Lisa gets the smell of the party, and Reese discovers one with the same sense of fashion! 10-01-2001
- Pimp Cow - Bessie gets the job of lying it off at the party! 10-01-2001
- Blotto Street - Frank joins the party where he discovers another with the same shirt as he! 10-01-2001
- Lewiscode - Steeve knows how to do the party... by drinking! 10-01-2001
- Blotto Street - Les gets drunk at party and finds out that not all offers are what they seem! 12-01-2001
- Pimp Cow - Looks like Pimp Cow is doing some interesting business at the party! 12-01-2001
- Zebra Girl - President Nixon and... Zebra Girl? Well, a kind of Zebra Girl anyway! 12-02-2001
- Framed - For a brief hazy stay, the characters on the run hangs around and find... icecream! 17-08-2001

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