Oops, Nevermind
Oops, Nevermind

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- College Roomies From Hell!!! - Through several strips Roth is wearing an official CRFH T-Shirt! 26-05-2005
- Sluggy Freelance - Today Roth has decided to wear his Sluggy Freelance T-Shirt! 21-06-2005
- Penny Arcade - Roth has taken to wearing his Penny Arcade T-Shirt! 24-06-2005
- RPG World - Roth has once again changed his shirt... this time it's an official RPG World T-Shirt! 06-07-2005
- It's Walky! - Today it looks like Roth has taken his old official It's Walky out of the closet! 16-09-2005
- RPG World - It must have been washing day, Roth has his RPG World T-Shirt on again! 30-12-2005
- It's Walky! - Roth has been in the closet again to dig out his good old It's Walky T-Shirt! 16-01-2006
- The KAMics - Looks like Roth finally has gotten a new shirt... with our favourite Valkyries even! Gueststrip05-07-2006
- Wapsi Square - XI must have gotten hold of a new tightfitting 8-Ball T-Shirt at her shopping trip! Gueststrip05-07-2006
- Drunken Scribblings - T-Bel is on "probation" while visiting the Illegal Aliens Anonymous? Gueststrip11-07-2006

Oops, Nevermind cameos/references can be found in:
- College Roomies From Hell!!! - M.D's stalking girlfriend has caught up... with a fire-extenguisher! Gueststrip21-12-2005
- Coiling Spine - XI and IV gives a dressed-up pose for the Christmas special picture! Archived locally25-12-2005
- The KAMics - Yes, you are not paid enough XI, but we paid KAM enough! 17-07-2006
- Drunken Scribblings - Taking a hard turn, the bus shows of its giant poster with IV! 02-08-2006
- Cortland - When the cover has IV on it, we are speaking about Oops, Nevermind the Movie! 13-09-2006
- Reckless Youth - M.D. is lurking around in the background... luckily, as terror strikes! 24-10-2006
- The KAMics - The EO-troops have invaded Nevemind, giving XI a longer temporary hiatus! 07-08-2007
- Parallel Dementia - MD tries to get past to the bar, trying to get the barman's attention! 09-11-2007
- P.S.I. - XI runs like the wind to get out of her prison and back to her comic and start again! 02-01-2008

Sincerely cameos/references:
- Parallel Dementia - Behind the thug in the third panel, we see the grafitti image of Sin's avatar! 23-08-2006
- The Volet - One of the shadowy laughing shapes bears a strong resemblance to Sin's avatar! 22-09-2006
- Angry D. Monkey - Looking tough and menacing, Sincerely is ready for the part and what may come! 17-11-2006
- Drunken Scribblings - For a safe flight, fly with Sincerely's Starships...? 26-11-2006
- The Volet - Sincerely fits nicely into the Totonro convention where she meet up with Pete and Terra! 26-11-2006

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