- None recorded

- Final Fantasy Tactics - Fozin cheers newgirl on after celebrating the 50th strip! 09-07-2007
- Dasien - Dasien keeps up the tough attitude, even if its a happy 50 strip celebration! 09-07-2007
- The New Luciefer - Luciefer has showed up to congratulate NewGirl with the 50 strips! 09-07-2007
- Magiversity - Minna has taken the trip from Magiversity to congratulate NewGirl & Co with 50 strips! 09-07-2007
- Allan - Allan can hardly stand still, so exited is he over NewGirl's 50 strip celebration! 09-07-2007
- Little Bat Koku - The team-up we all have been waiting for... NewGirl and Little Bat Koku! 19-06-2008
- Dasien - If Dasien has problems with opponents hitting on her? Well, she SHOULD have! 31-07-2008
- Little Bat Koku - I can't remember if Koku has had the same problem... opponents hitting on her? 31-07-2008
- Menage 3 - Among the audience critics we find Zii... not chiming in on this! 29-03-2011
- Sister Claire - Sister Claire has been caught in the bank in the middle of a robbery! Page 221
- Yu+Me - It looks to be Fiona hiding behind the desk while the masked robber makes his threats! Page 221
- Girls with Slingshots - Gotta be Hazel who's jumped behind the desk, watching the robber in amazement! Page 221
- Trying Human - Rose-Marie has sought cover as the masked robber makes his entrance! Page 221

NewGirl cameos/references can be found in:
- Magiversity - Among the spectators for celebration event we find NewGirl! 22-05-2007
- Magical Misfits - In full flying outfit, the New Girl attends the celebration of an old strip! 05-10-2007
- Magiversity - Looks like out favorite NewGirl has recently gotten a job working in the mall! 28-02-2008
- Little Bat Koku - Our favorite New Girl and Edwyn seems to have done quite a lot of happy shopping! 25-08-2008
- Magical Misfits - Our very own NewGirl superheroine seems eager to pose for the 800th strip group photo! 08-12-2008
- The Devon Legacy - Looks like our all favorite NewGirl has found a good seat and is ready to enjoy the movie! 29-01-2009
- Magical Misfits - Obvioulsy looking forward to a good time at the Shower Party, New Girl arrives by air! 13-03-2009
- The Crossoverlord - NewGirl receives the Shining Ball so she can be called upon should the need arise again! 06-05-2010
- Little Bat Koku - So, does that sign mean that the New Girl Movie is out? 09-08-2010

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