- The Class Menagerie - A puppet show event has to be arranged... can that make Kevin smile? Starting 17-06-2002

- Soap on a Rope - Max Slacker looks pretty surprised at being part of Kevins's hallucinations! 14-06-1999
- Melonpool - A sarcastic Ralph is also a part of the mass-hallucinations of Kevin! 14-06-1999
- Kevin & Kell - Rudy is cool with being a part of Kevin's hallucinations! 14-06-1999
- The Mr. Chuck Show - Mr. Chuck is not happy about being a part of a hallucination... scared more likely! 14-06-1999
- Freefall - Another of the hallucinations of Kevin, is Helix the Robot! 14-06-1999
- General Protection Fault - Being a hallucination is obviously ok with Nick! 14-06-1999
- Bruno the Bandit - Kevins hallucinations also include Fiona the Micro-Dragon! 14-06-1999
- Funny Farm - Even he is just a hallucination himself, Gulius is trying to wake up Kevin! 14-06-1999
- Superosity - Even as a hallucination Chris has to come with some weird comments! 14-06-1999
- Funny Farm - Mewn is ready to retool Wolfram for the internet! 14-02-2001

Newshounds cameos/references can be found in:
- Gene Catlow - Ferris is visiting and taking part in the Grandville Days storyline! 19-10-1999
- Soap on a Rope - Alistair Katt is bricked by none other than Mickey Mouse! 14-01-2000
- The Class Menagerie - Wolfram shows up on the screen to report on CD-store havoc downstairs! 29-08-2000
- Joe Average - Okay, guess Joe hasn't made an impact in the community that Kevin noticed! 30-08-2000
- General Protection Fault - One little kid is dressed up in the furry costume of Kevin! 31-10-2000
- Melonpool - Alistair Katt is live on the TV... a depressing sight for Roberta! 11-12-2000
- Freefall - Kevin... small, furry and general adorable! 22-01-2001
- Gene Catlow - Kevin and the news-van are almost hit by the runaway car! 19-03-2001
- The Class Menagerie - Crossing over into Newshounds, Lisa get to both make and report the news! 22-07-2001
- Burnt Dog Radio - Wolfram and Kevin are spotted in the background of the first panel! 06-08-2001
- Jack - Kevin and Renata do an interview at the laboraties! MA content warning!22-05-2002
- Gene Catlow - Alistair Kat has more than a few things to say about the situation... quite a lot in fact! 22-07-2002
- General Protection Fault - The humanized KPET crew cover the war of Manhattan! 28-07-2002
- General Protection Fault - The crew finally comes through to report crucial news from Manhattan! 19-09-2002
- The Class Menagerie - Sam seems to think he is giving a lot of good advice, but he should watch the knee! 23-09-2003
- BoomerExpress - On their way to a scoop, Kevin and Renata pass the BoomerExpress wagon! 29-02-2005
- Game Misconduct - Sam Shepherd is a part of the new crop of players for the team this season! 23-08-2005
- Game Misconduct - The game is rought, and Sam Shepherd finds out the hard way! 12-09-2005
- BoomerExpress - And another K-Pet wagon meets with a crashing ending under live coverage! 15-10-2006
- LXF - Renata Fayre reports from KPET about the assault on fellow news channel! 27-11-2006
- Jack - So Mr. Volpe has a friend at K-Pet News? Hmm... interesting! MA content warning!20-12-2006
- S.S.D.D - On the desk in the bloodspattered control room a couple of Newshounds comics can be found! 17-08-2007
- Jack - KPET News reports live from the earthquake but decides to lend a hand instead! 07-07-2011
- Carpe Diem - No visit to the cafe/bookstore without getting the newest issue of Newshounds! 13-07-2014
- Unlike Minerva - And this week we have Wolfram Blitzen reporting in live about the Argentinian economy! Week 17
- Unlike Minerva - Wonder if Wolfram Blitzen took a part-time job as a performer at the Minerva Theatre? Week 53

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Nukees - Darren Bleuel with the curly (blue) hair can be seen intensively watching the quiz-show! 19-10-2000
- Melonpool - Steve Troop is seen loitering in Lorna's past! 19-01-2006

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