- None recorded

- PvP Online - Leland zooms in on his webcomics and gets alternate Jane and Brent interaction! 14-01-2005
- Questionable Content - Bad day to enter Coffee of Doom when the girls are training chair-defence! Gueststrip08-03-2005
- Questionable Content - Amazingly that you can get a Pintsize in the store when you need to steal gags! 18-03-2005
- Acid Zen Wonder Paint - That the kids name is Oomberto is a reference to an earlier AZWP blog! 24-08-2005
- Checkerboard Nightmare - Niego goes all Checkerboard Nightmare in this strip! 26-08-2005
- Starslip Crisis - Looks like Starslip has a lack of activity compared to Checkerboard Nightmare? 26-08-2005
- Checkerboard Nightmare - J.S has already been making fun of Checkerboard, so what's next? 01-09-2005
- PvP Online - So... in this dream Websnark made an article about Niego? Right after having enjoyed PvP? 01-09-2005
- PvP Online - Libby is being "upgraded", and her second state is Miranda all the way! 16-09-2005
- Questionable Content - The sexual tension, as inspired by QC, gets just a little bit stronger! 16-09-2005
- Return to Sender - When everything that can go wrong, goes wrong... its Return to Sender! 05-10-2005

Niego cameos/references can be found in:
- Nowhere so far

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- I Can't Stop Thinking! - There's lots of "can't", but Scott McCloud just can't stop thinking! Gueststrip14-03-2005
- Ped X-ing - Yep, you can't stop the injoing Ryan, but thats one of the good things about you! Gueststrip14-03-2005
- PvP Online - Jason battles out with Scott Kurtz at Comicon... much like in a certain PvP-strip! 13-06-2005
- Ped X-ing - Ryan Estrada did the 168 hour challenge... J.C counters with the 1 hour challenge! 19-08-2005
- PvP Online - John knows better than to try and hold out until Kurtz gets tired of WoW! 29-08-2005

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