Nine to Nine
Nine to Nine

- None recorded

- Aww, Feathers - Having been given the Icebucket Challenge by Dil, Wolf takes it in true scientific and painful style! 25-08-2014
- Vicki Fox - During bandpractice in her hectic week, Jessie jammed along with Zephy! 21-06-2015
- The Suburban Jungle - The last, and thankfully censored panel, is a homage to a similar regular appearing image in SJ! 01-10-2017
- Swords & Sausages - Andrea takes a look into the Wardrobe and after seeing Tor & Silver in the snow... redecides her options! 13-10-2019
- The Whiteboard - At the first row we spot the back of Doc, apparently waiting for the fun to begin! 19-04-2020
- The Class Menagerie - The back of Tony is spotted on the first row, eagerly awaiting Tetriscon to start! 19-04-2020
- Slack Wyrm - Slack Wyrm? No, at Tetricon its STACK Wyrm... and its aaaaall cool! 07-06-2020
- SJ Rough Housing - Looks like the bar is not paying enough, so the crew are doing sales at Tetricon! 07-06-2020
- Faux Pas - At Tetricon trades can be made, and the animals are making a killing in demonstrating beds for sale! 07-06-2020
- Freefall - I don't think Florence should be worried about breaking even at Tetricon, Sam will do it square! 07-06-2020
- The Whiteboard - Doc has brought most of the crew with him to Tetricon to market their new custom paintguns! 07-06-2020
- Curtailed - Mandy and Fox has set up a table at Tetricon, and they even got an indoor spot for the Cop Car! 07-06-2020
- The Fuzzy Princess - Looks like the cast from FP are shopping in IKEA too today! 20-03-2022
- Transmission - Looks like Russell and Reg have taken an extra job at the local pizzaplace! 10-07-2022

Nine to Nine cameos/references can be found in:
- SJ Rough Housing - Wolf challenged Louis to the Icebucket Challenge, but Louis cheated and "challenged" Comfort! 04-09-2014
- The Whiteboard - Too bad there Miki, Tor and Silver is a sorta couple you don't want to get inbetween! 03-05-2017

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Transmission - FreyFox is handling a booth at the TetrisCon where he sells comics and... Tetrisbots? 14-06-2020

Hogan's Notes:

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