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- What's New? - Looks like everything is possible when you happen to wear Phil's trademark bowler! 28-08-2002
- Dork Tower - The silhouettes in the front row of panel 1 really look like our Dork Tower inhabitants! 01-10-2003
- Dork Tower - So, a Stuffed Muskrat can turn away Fireballs? That sounds like a job for Carson! 29-09-2008
- PvP Online - The direct route has for Nodwick taken a detour through the maw of Skull! 24-07-2009
- What's New? - Nodwick surfaces in what must be Foglio and crew's Think Tank!! 24-07-2009
- Dork Tower - Well, even if its a crossover, I hope Carson can jiggle the handle for Nodwick! 24-07-2009
- What's New? - Now that's a rare interesting statue there... reminds me of a certain dragon mascot! 06-12-2009
- PvP Online - Among all the rabble from the table-crash, we spot one very Skull-like puppet! 14-12-2009
- PvP Online - Brent's "Silverleaf" has obviously not seen anything resembling a "Nitwick!?"! 13-06-2012
- Order of the Stick - Yep Greenhilt, you failed something... both the Spot AND the Intimidate check! 13-06-2012

Nodwick cameos/references can be found in:
- Girl Genius - Artacz looks so much like Artax that you should think it was him trying another job! 19-10-2005
- Girl Genius - There's no doubt that Nod the Caretaker has a nose for being a great henchman too! 19-10-2005
- The Whiteboard - Nodwick arrives at the Halloween party disguised with a cool mask! 28-10-2005
- Dungeons & Denizens - Yep, it works on henchmen all the time, why not on zombies too? 05-01-2006
- Plugged Nickel - Mycroft has chosen to come as the hardworking henchman Nodwich for Halloween! 31-10-2006
- Evil Overlords United - Nodwick got caught up in the war against the EOU... and ended us in pieces on the battleground! 18-09-2007
- Least I Could Do - The battle may be raging, but for once Nodwick can sit and relax on the stairs! 10-04-2009
- What's New? - So Nodwick ended up paying to the blackmailing Gnomes? Interesting choice...! 24-01-2010
- MeatShield - Well Jaine's Piffany outfit DOES lack a little Duct Tape... else okay with me! 08-02-2010
- PS238 - On their rescue-mission back in time and space the heroes run across... Nodwick and "friends"?! 22-08-2012
- Order of the Stick - If a job in Nodwick is preferred compared to a job in OotS... then it really looks bad! Strip 0229

Aaron Williams cameos/references:
- Girl Genius - Aaronev Wilhelm VI bears a striking resemblance to his distant relative... Aaron Williams! 30-09-2005

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