Nothing Nice to Say
Nothing Nice to Say

- None recorded

- Penny Arcade - When the acting gets tough, you call in the stuntdoubles of Gabe and Tycho! 25-03-2002
- Penny Arcade - It's one of the controllers of old, it CAN be a tough one to handle by Modern Man! 24-01-2003

NNTS cameos/references can be found in:
- Rock City Comics - People wants more NNTS, so... here you got it! 01-03-2006

Mitch Clem cameos/references:
- Questionable Content - Mitch does what he usually does... but the QC fans are a tough bunch! Gueststrip21-03-2005
- HOUSD - So, did Mitch Clem really lie to Craig about Punk being cool? Could be! 24-06-2005
- Yirmumah - Is the news that Mitch Clem died so great, that you have to print it on a T-shirt? 09-03-2006

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