- None recorded

- It's Walky! - 'Wii' without 'Gii' ... that would only give us half our favorite Walky exclamation! 13-06-2001
- Absurd Notions - Warren is the one to get specialty options assigned after Nukee! 04-10-2002

Nukees cameos/references can be found in:
- College Roomies From Hell!!! - Words of Wisdom make Gav see the light in finishing his thesis! 10-03-2000
- Funny Farm - Gav is making use of the provided donuts in the support club for CRFH-survivors! 09-07-2000
- Joe Average - So Gav see Joe Harris as a little of a Dofus? It takes one...! 30-08-2000
- Blotto Street - Off course Suzy is more concerned about her ant-problems than falling ceilings... 06-10-2000
- General Protection Fault - Under the Halloween costume of Gav there's a candy-happy kid! 02-11-2000
- Snail Dust - An innocent cameo, and Gav is confused as hell! 10-11-2000
- Funny Farm - Somebody is actually dressed up as the Atomic Robot Ant, and not a bad costume job! 14-11-2000
- Keenparody - Bleuel and the Robot Ant wants to have some "Fun" after being laughed at! 21-12-2000
- Keenparody - Suzy suffers the consequences of radiation... though Gav doesn't mind that much! 19-01-2001
- Freefall - Suzy and King Luca has joined up to go and see an Elvis movie! 24-01-2001
- General Protection Fault - Gav is attending the C.R.U.D.E competition in a prolonged cameo! Starting 22-05-2001
- KO Fight Club - Gav goes up against Shakespeare in Steel Cage Death Match and uses Nuclear Power! 04-06-2001
- Clan of the Cats - Chelsea and Raven planejump and end right up in the hot bath of Gav! 28-05-2002
- Clan of the Cats - Lucy, Linus and the Robot Ant come too late to join the party! 03-06-2002
- Campus Life - Obviously Gav, Danny and Teri made sure the nuclear reactor wasn't wasted potential! 14-08-2002
- Amazon Space Rangers - Gav and Teri are among the guests at Scientificon 2002! 16-10-2002
- Sinfest - Hey! No boycotting the Agnostica Holiday! Scientists unite to prevent it! 15-12-2002
- General Protection Fault - So, They are also into the Agnostica program? Interesting! 13-02-2003
- A Taste of Evil - Guess Giant Robotic Ants are less weird that giant Ipod-stealing squirrels? 30-01-2004
- Narbonic - Gav scuffles around in the chaos, muttering about undertaking global dominion! 24-11-2004
- Help Desk - Yes, a nuclear powered robot ant is indeed a classic among evil abominations! 24-05-2005
- General Protecion Fault - Through the MUTEX, Nick becomes Gav... for a short panel! Gueststrip16-11-2005
- If Then Else - The Giant Ant may just be a detail, but are the rest of the crew following soon too? 15-03-2006
- El Goonish Shive - One thing Gav knows... should he suddenly turn woman, Dan is to blame! Gueststrip11-10-2006
- Drunken Scribblings - Looks like Gav has a new job as manager of the Van Darin transport company! 08-11-2006
- Angels & Aliens - Looks like Gav enjoys some vacation, playing frisbee with some lovely ladies! 07-01-2007
- Evil Overlords United - The adventures of Gav and friends are being monitored by the Evil Overlords! 13-06-2007
- CameoComic - The Giant Robotic Ant has been brought to the battlefield... but who is it actually fighting? 19-09-2007
- The KAics - So Agnostica is a joke holiday? A joke holiday? She should get her facts straight! 25-12-2008
- Freefall - Gav looks a bit lost in the background, probably having been dragged along on the chase by accident! 01-04-2019

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- College Roomies From Hell!!! - Maritza Campos gives is as a tough New Zealand biologist! 16-02-2000

Darren "Gav" Bleuel cameos/references:
- Newshounds - Darren with the curly hair can be seen intensively watching the quiz-show! 19-10-2000
- Keenparody - Agreeing to start earning money on comics, Darren becomes a regular on Keen! 07-12-2000
- Look What I brought Home - Shit! It DOES look a little like Darren Bleuel! 06-02-2001
- Narbonic - So Darren Bleuel is believed to harbor radicals in Berkeley? Interesting! 16-04-2001
- Deviations - Lots of expenses, hairdye among them, it takes for Darren to do his job! 02-05-2001
- Blue Canary - #5, Happy Blue... the Gav color chosen by all blue birds! 05-05-2001
- Framed - Darren Bleuel is tinkering with the servers at Keenspot HQ when the Framed crew arrives! 14-09-2001
- Purplepussy - Even anthromorphed into a rat, Darren Bleuel is still stressed over work! 06-03-2002
- Comicollage - Darren Bleuel gives a few comments about the strips drop in approval ratings! 10-03-2002
- Deviations - This is what you have to do if you want 3-D Gav to show up in a couple of strips! 01-05-2002
- Clan of the Cats - Bluehaired Darren (Gav) Bleuel is waitering for his own character Gav! 28-05-2002
- Schlock Mercenary - Gav has been frozen down and thawed out a 1000 years later in the future! 27-05-2002
- Funny Farm - When the artist has a dayjob involving Nuclear Technologies, we sure know who he is! 30-07-2002
- Purple Pussy - Showing a little more anger, anthromorphed Darren can be seen at the 1 year anniversary! 02-10-2002
- FusionD - Gav is one of those people in charge of running Limbo! 25-10-2002
- Sluggy Freelance - In the most challenging role as Kitten 2, we find Darren Bleuel in the credits! 15-12-2002
- Amazon Space Rangers - A spacesector registered as Blu'ul? Darren Bleuel gets an intergalactic reference! 02-06-2003
- General Protection Fault - The bluehaired haughty sysadmin is none other than Keenspots own Darren! 06-03-2004
- Goats - Bluehaired Methane Factory but loveless... yes, it' sounds like Darren! 14-06-2004
- General Protection Fault - Darren ("Fleuel") and friends are picking snowballfight with Sharon & Fooker! 02-12-2004
- El Goonish Shive - Darren gives it as a disgruntled Physics teacher! 19-04-2005
- Mad About U - Off course you can find Gav among the spectators to the Doomsday Ball Championship! 08-12-2006
- Filthy Lies - Gave is representing Keenspot at their own stall at this sci-fi/fantasy convention! 07-05-2007
- Evil Overlords United - The EO's have tricked Darren into believing they would leave Nukees alone! 13-06-2007
- M. Organ Art - Bluehaired and named Gav... yes, thats a fit, the rest don't matter... does it? MA content warning!24-04-2011
- Robot Stories - Yes, getting the attention of Darren Bleuel can be very difficult! #304

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