Off Hours
Off Hours

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- Magical Misfits - Both Narcan and Baby have taken the time off to hang around the Pub for a mug of bear! 04-01-2010
- Abby Sanders - Looks like Abby Sanders enjoys a drink at the pub after a hard day of supernatural lawmaking! 04-01-2010
- Putrid Meat - The Draconic version of Bones seems to best enjoy his drink... on the table! 04-01-2010
- The Uncanny Uper Dave - Looks like the monstrous bettle-version of Super Dave hangs out at the Pub today! 04-01-2010
- Karen the Marilith - Being the owner of a Pub seems to be a perfect job for Karen with her arms... at hand! 04-01-2010
- Craving Control - C.K. seems to have an endless appetite... and a metabolism Lalia must envy her! 25-01-2010

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