Omega Justice
Omega Justice

- None recorded

- Bouncing Orbs of Beauty - Even if you are just a background character, you might as well do it in style! 31-08-2009
- Mafia Boy - Frankie gives it as a gallant date in the backgound, filling up for the lady! 31-08-2009

Omega Justice cameos/references can be found in:
- Heroes Unite - Lieutenant Luke Johnson makes a promo appearance for Heroes Unite! Gueststrip04-10-2008
- Bouncing Orbs of Beauty - Fuku writes a fanmail and gets drawn having sex with his favorite actress! MA content warning!21-12-2008
- Chad the Fat Kid - The sweet lips of Holly is stalked and taken as a memorandum by Chad! Gueststrip21-02-2009
- Far Out There - Lt. Luke Johnson is a the Mad Scientist Party... for hunting or guarding? 27-02-2009
- Far Out There - Kazu Fukushi has also gotten permission to hang around the massed people at the convention! 06-03-2009
- Shell - Fuku appears codenamed "Hightide", and the rest of the crew appears a strip later! 18-03-2009
- Far Out There - Dirk Cohen is mingling with all the people around at the convention! 20-03-2009

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