The Order of the Stick
The Order of the Stick

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- RPG World - So, now the old women have also discovered that the times are tough... *sigh*! Strip 0213
- Nodwick - If a job in Nodwick is preferred compared to a job in OotS... then it really looks bad! Strip 0229

Order of the Stick cameos/references can be found in:
- The Whiteboard - Roy shows up at the Halloween party wearing the shirt of "that Round-Headed kid"! 28-10-2005
- The Tao of Geek - Roy Greenhilt is one of those passed with the help of the Coffee Ninja Power Up! 16-12-2005
- Sunday at Ten - Even though you comic is popular, sticks lack in other... ways! Gueststrip28-06-2006
- The KAMics - Also on the menu at the restaurant, is a side order of the stick! 04-09-2006
- Dueling Analogs - Roleplaying in Dueling Analogs becomes very interesting with Order of the Stick! 18-10-2006
- VR Comics - Not a good idea coming as a random encounter when you visit Order of the Stick! 13-11-2006
- Jack of All Blades - Banjo the Doll God, or something similar, is found hanging for sale in the shop! 18-02-2007
- Something Positive - Looks like someone was in the middle of reading up on Order of the Stick! 12-03-2007
- Girl Genius - Hmm... an order of the stick sounds delicious when you are hungry! 21-03-2007
- Words of something - Banjo the clown makes centerpiece on the Christmas tree! 10-04-2007
- YAFGC - This first of April, the companions regroup and set out as... the Fellowship of the Stick! 01-04-2008
- Living With Insanity - So David compares himself to Order of the Stick because he is insecure? Figures! 18-10-2009
- The Crossoverlord - Looks like our heroes more or less has taken a shortcut through Order of the Stick! 24-03-2010
- Golden Age of Adventurers - There is no doubt that Nimble is in Order of the Stick style for 1st of April! 01-04-2010
- Holy Blasphemy - Oh yes, with that name the Catholic Church would be overrun by the neds seeking communion! 11-01-2011
- By The Book - Yes, that name has already been taken... better come up with a less sticky name Rath! 28-04-2011
- The KAMics - Looks like the Elanasaurus Rex lives in the Hillsfar Mountains these days! 16-10-2011
- Stickman and Cube - Actually, you could say that Cube makes a very square version of Elan this Halloween! 30-10-2011
- Rusty and Co. - If The Princess gets any more streamlined she will soon look like... an OofS Stick Figure! 26-04-2010
- anti-HEROES - Roy just about manages to make a cameo before the strip is over and the building left! 14-11-2011
- The KAMics - Wonder if Mom gave her son that Order of the Stick-shirt he is wearing? 20-04-2012
- Nodwick - Yep Greenhilt, you failed something... both the Spot AND the Intimidate check! 13-06-2012
- The Whiteboard - Gino has done this best to dress up as Roy Greenhilt for Doc's 2012 Halloween Party! 31-10-2012
- Darths & Droids - Well, bluffing the stupid Clones might be easier than bluffing the stupid Ogre as they did at OotS! 08-11-2012
- Legend of Bill - Looks like the magical readings are strong enough to send Bill on a walkthrough through the Stickverse! 30-05-2013
- Nate the Robot - A sketch featuring Roy is hanging on the wall in Nate's office! 16-09-2015
- Goblins - Is the Rant Golem right? IS Order of the Stick better than Tempts Adventures? Tempts Fate 7

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