O Sarilho
O Sarilho

- None recorded

- None recorded

O Sarilho cameos/references can be found in:
- Honestly Not A Robot - As the shadows grow longer, Jacinta comes sneaking to haunt the supermarket for cheap stuff! 29-10-2020
- Ghost Junk Sickness - Franq and Nikita seem to be wearing the city streets comfortably, fitting right in! 25-07-2021
- Joe is Dead - Left to his own, Malik engages in a few games of cards with the rest of the crew! 23-07-2021
- Court of Roses - Hey! Looks like A Torto e a Direito has also come to Calcin, walking the bridge over the gate! 26-07-2021
- Court of Roses - The band of A Torto e a Direito still seems to be in town and hanging out! 10-01-2022

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