Out There
Out There

- None recorded

- None recorded

Out There cameos/references can be found in:
- The KAMics - John looks questioning up at the rare sight riding past him! 01-09-2006
- Modern Love - Miriam didn't get the "heart thing" because... well, John MAY be gay... for chuck! 23-11-2006
- Modern Love - A suggestion to how Out There could have started and ended... Modern Love way! 06-02-2007
- P.S.I. - John is running as fast as he can to get away from the EO prison he has been in! 02-01-2008
- Times Like This - In the bar where Cassie learned to have fun, Miriam seems to be the bartender! 11-03-2010
- Wayward Sons - When Miriam wakes up in those clothes... you wonder who might be wearing hers! Gueststrip05-09-2010

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