Construction Paper Angst
Construction Paper Angst

- None recorded

- Penny Arcade - In the top row of posters behind Maren, we find one of Gabe and Tycho! 13-03-2002
- PvP Online - Almost hidden by chairs, a poster with the images of Brent and Skull can be spotted! 13-03-2002
- Checkerboard Nightmare - A poster featuring Chex can be found right behin the door! 13-03-2002
- Megatokyo - One the wall behind Maren, someone has been hanging up a poster in Megatokyo-style! 13-03-2002
- Angst Technology - A poster featuring Dante is also to be found on the wall behind Maren! 13-03-2002

Construction Paper Angst cameos/references can be found in:
- Checkerboard Nightmare - A cameo from Construction Paper Angst might help Dot's webcomic.. or so think Chex! 06-03-2002

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