Parallel Dementia
Parallel Dementia

- Emergency Exit - The EE-crew is hunting their next artifact... a hunt right into Parallel Dementia! 25-12-2006
- Emergency Exit - While walking around, lost in thoughts, Fall suddenly gets a surprise visit from Eddie! 28-07-2008

- Coiling Spine - Throughout the haunted dreams of Fall, a demonic coiling spine takes shape! 17-03-2006
- The Avatar - Leaning against the building in the background, is none other than greenhaired Amber! 14-04-2006
- Many Tidings Grim - When realities decay and boundaries break down, Chaos will rule! 09-06-2006
- Indefensible Positions - Skeeter seems to have found a place in a world where reality is a lost cause! 09-06-2006
- Beyond Reality - The orange monster from BE has turned to a world where chaos and disaster rule! 09-06-2006
- Emergency Exit - When reality is decaying, Nefariou is let out to play in the world of chaos! 09-06-2006
- Coiling Spine - When the veils of reality decays, The Dancing Man will come out to play! 09-06-2006
- Undead Friend - The explosion wakes up Orrick in the hospital where he is mending! 02-08-2006
- Emergency Exit - Looks like the logo of EE is a part of the grafitti on the walls! 21-08-2006
- Freedom Fries - Watcher ticks in and tocks around, explaining a few facts about himself on the way! 01-11-2006
- Playing With Knives - When he was young, David had a T-shirt with Vorticus on! 08-11-2006
- Cortland - The Young Fall Boxer was obviously very fond of her beloved Cortland doll! 08-11-2006
- Just Another Escape - Both Phil and Solina are to be found in the background city crowd! 29-03-2007
- Cortland - Chad looks both bored and lonely as the seems to walk aimless around in the city! 29-03-2007
- Atavism - Guess Faust is not only on a stroll through town, he is still wearing his permanent scowl! 29-03-2007
- M-Theory - Jill and Reid stops in their walk to gawk a little at the wo huge figures walking by! 29-03-2007
- Angry D. Monkey - Looks like Brenna has made it up from the underground and into the city for once! 29-03-2007
- Angst is a five letter word - Josh feels uncomfortable in having two huge characters walk up behind him! 29-03-2007
- Pointlesss - Ash can be found to the left at the bar, brooding over something! 09-11-2007
- Reckless Youth - Taking up much of the space at the bar, Sean enjoys a quiet beer! 09-11-2007
- Atavism - Grey is her usual cheery self at the bar, much to Hart's dismay! 09-11-2007
- Oops, Nevermind - MD tries to get past to the bar, trying to get the barman's attention! 09-11-2007
- Aldus Maycombe - Among the guests in the bar we also find Aldus, looking for stories perhaps? 09-11-2007
- Legostar Galactica - Belinda has again come looking for a bar in which to mind her own business! 09-11-2007
- Project A.D.A.M. - Adam is quite adamant in his conviction that Aliens are behind everything! 14-01-2008
- Ever After - Ree and Rex are handing out at the little cafe where you can also play Endzone! 28-01-2008
- Reckless Youth - Once upon a time, Comedi was part of the war between Heaven and Hell to come! 02-05-2008
- The Wacky Adv. of Lunar and Kirk - One of the decadent partyguests is dressed out as... Lunar! 09-06-2008

Parallel Dementia cameos/references can be found in:
- Emergency Exit - Where else can you find Reginald at a convention than among other robots? 26-06-2006
- Atavism - The girl in the bar is none other than Fall Boxer of the Templars! 16-10-2006
- Backroads - Timmy has found a new call in his demonic life... in the Church of Monsters! 31-10-2006
- Project A.D.A.M - Looks like in this world Reginald has been assigned to field-duty! 03-11-2006
- Angry D. Monkey - With his great disguise, nobody realizes that Reginald the robot has joined the party! 13-11-2006
- Indefensible Positions - Grinning evilly, the Visage shows how lighting against him is for naught! 05-12-2006
- Evil Overlords United - Wonder if the EO's are considering hiring Visage since they keep an eye on him? 26-02-2007
- Project A.D.A.M. - Robot Reginald stands ready to help the delegate should the need be! 10-05-2007
- M-Theory - Both Greed and Visage are part of the powerful villains know as The Serrata 100! 25-02-2008
- Reckless Youth - When looking at the Claudes, Captain Claude from Parallel Dementia is THE badass! 08-07-2008
- Cerintha - It doesn't looks like the Alexi we are used to... but will you tell her that? 30-10-2009
- The Wacky Adv. of Lunar and Kirk - Farsight was a good costume for Lunar... except for the vision! 31-10-2009
- The Wacky Adv. of Lunar and Kirk - Visage found the right item at one point... a deus ex machina! 27-11-2009
- Cerintha - Poor Boxer, the trick with not sleeping is not... that effective in the end! 03-01-2011
- Derelict - The future, the Parallel Dementia exploits have turned into a game with Visage the Boss! 21-04-2014

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Atavism - Looking more demonic than ever, Cope is coming to a world thats lost! 09-06-2006
- Tales of the Traveling Gnome - With new eerie glowing eyes, Net looks just too evil and scary! 09-06-2006
- Vengeance and Wrath - Lei, with her polearm, is guarding the door to the Templars inner sanctum! 11-08-2006
- Coiling Spine - Heavily armed, Escushion is doing guardduty at the Templars Headquarter! 11-08-2006
- Abnormal Life - Pfister is hanging out in the halls of the Templars, but is suddenly put to work! 13-08-2006
- Zombination - Looks like Balcom is put on a job, because its time to bring out the guns! 13-08-2006
- Many Worlds - Totts gives the tech-specifications on the toy... and in the end also the coordinates! 13-08-2006
- Oops, Nevermind - Behind the thug in the third panel, we see the grafitti image of Sin's avatar! 23-08-2006
- Gremlins//Toxic Takeover - The Bus Driver is none other than a demonized version of RA's avatar! 27-09-2006
- Reckless Youth - The cynical L.E-officer is our very own Claude trying out a new job! 04-10-2006
- Emergency Exit - A sight for sore eyes, NJ gets to be the first Human to welcome David to the Templars! 03-11-2006
- Beyond Reality - Zombie Orion is... quite an interesting being... so is his relationship with NJ! 05-11-2006
- Project A.D.A.M. - The robotic version of Mortimer shows how some real shooting is done! 27-11-2006
- Tales of the Traveling Gnome - As an old warrior, Matt Summers is not easy awed by fancy shooting! 27-11-2006
- Ordinary Vanity - Looking pre-occupied, Sput are taking a walk in the city! 29-03-2007
- Just Another Escape - Reporter Kirb does his best to make sense out of the arson news from Burscape! 14-01-2008

Ben "Bean/834n" Fleuter cameos/references:
- Emergency Exit - Bean seems to be pretty cocky, he believes his Bard will rule the game! 28-06-2006
- JunkRIOT - Bean, or his arm, also get to enjoy Friday the 13th... being eaten by a zombie! 13-10-2006
- Emergency Exit - Bean comes to visit Karl at the hospital... strangely enough keeping his mouth shut! 06-11-2006
- Reckless Youth - Perhaps guard 834n should stop listen to his ipod and actually pay attention? 27-01-2007
- Mad Hat Comics - Hugging a walrus is good personal skills for 834n, but not enough! Archived locally11-02-2007
- Equinox - Bandana-clad Bean is one of the towspeople to great the newcomers! 23-05-2007
- Terrible Things - Evil Bean lets his cards deal deadly damage to the opponents cancerridden girl! 16-11-2007
- The Wacky Adv. of Lunar and Kirk - Bean watches with interest King Mitovaan show up! 11-02-2008
- Emergency Exit - Bean is also in Bob's class... and he seems to be doodling instead of paying attention! 21-03-2008
- Emergency Exit - Grim and Grumpy, Bean stands by his Lady, eyeing the "intruders"! 18-09-2008
- Cerintha - Poor Bean looks scared out of his mind while he hides from the Barbarian "horde"! 20-08-2008

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