Pegasus Project
Pegasus Project

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- Mental Link - Looks like Hawthon is also one to take the train today! 30-04-2021
- Theater of the Bloody Tongue - Ariane Eldar chats up the other passengers during the trainride! 30-04-2021
- Labyrinth of Saint Thomas - Eldridge seems to be wondering who is chatting him op during his trainride! 30-04-2021
- Cryptida - Lena Santorini checks her phone during the trainride... as most of the other passengers! 30-04-2021
- Breadfinder - Looks like Sylvi and Tina have branched out and started a kiosk in the metro! 14-05-2021
- Everyday Heroes - Summer is just walking along, enjoying the back of chips she just bought at the kiosk! 14-05-2021

Pegasus Project cameos/references can be found in:
- Bananas - Looks like someone has god was and is... WAS reading the last issue of Pegasus Project! 14-04-2021
- Bananas - We spot Shoko happily walking around the other guests and enjoying a drink! 18-09-2021

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