Penny & Aggie
Penny & Aggie

- Fans! - In another world much like this one, geeks like Penny are protected by... Fans! 15-12-2008

- Cool Cat Studio - Michael walks by in the third panel, wondering what the ruckus is about! 16-02-2005
- Cool Cat Studio - Looks like the Aliens are still around, playing their lobotomize game! 14-02-2006
- Dinosaur Comics - Guess they are right! Spelling dinosaur names are not for the illiterate! 05-05-2006
- Wapsi Square - I guess the customers are pretty glad that Tina responds to them saying only "Tina"! 05-05-2006
- Cat and Girl - Then thats finally settled! Now we know who is Cat and who is Girl! 05-05-2006
- Megatokyo - As long as there are fans, no character will ever be forgotten in Megatokyo! 05-05-2006
- Narbonic - I would say Helens famous Narbonic t-shirt is self-conflicting enough... but the wearer too! 17-11-2006
- College Roomies From Hell!!! - When you wear a Die! shirt, you GOT to act like you are wearing it! 17-11-2006
- Cool Cat Studio - Looks like the girls has just "enjoyed" the movie at the Cool Cat Cinema! Gueststrip30-11-2006
- Narbonic - Dave and Helen's future daughter has carried on the tradition of having a crush! 20-12-2006
- Ugly Girl - Looks like one of Karen's Shoulder Devils has tied down Karen's Ugly Girl Angel! 02-02-2007
- Ugly Girl - Marshall the savior carries the freed Ugly Girl Shoulder Angel in his arms! 28-03-2007
- Cool Cat Studio - In honor of the comic's rebirth, Aggie is wearing a Cool Cat Studio shirt today! 03-09-2007
- Dresden Codak - Oh well, if you have to have girls fighting about you, Kimiko would not be a bad choice! 08-05-2009
- Fans - Looks like Meighan's new job this time has put her in contact with Sara! 15-03-2010

Penny & Aggie cameos/references can be found in:
- Conscrew - Having Penny & Aggie on the webcomic list might ensure that they will read Conscrew too! 16-01-2006
- Imo - Aggie and Lisa come by the record store to ask for the signing of a petition! 02-10-2006
- CameoComic - Looks like the picture of Penny and Aggie on Scale's wall survived the onslaught! 05-04-2007
- Something Positive - Sounds like somebody really don't know what he likes about Penny and Aggie! 14-04-2007
- Menage 3 - Sooo... this is what Stan, Rich, and Jack has been up to lately? Gone to the movies? MA content warning!11-11-2008
- Something Positive - Helen left and has come to Boston... receiving the very special standard welcoming! 23-02-2010
- Times Like This - Are you sure Rodney wouldn't like Penny & Aggie? A lot of people do...! 22-04-2010
- Widgetits - Just getting single, Brandi makes the mistake of going with it on facebook! 28-02-2011
- College Roomies From Hell!!! - Trust her on this Blue, Aggie knows about boys and trustworthyness ! 05-04-2011
- Menage 3 - Looks like Stan and Lisa were so unlucky to get caught in the Yuki-massacre... poor Stan! MA content warning!17-11-2011

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- I Can't Stop Thinking! - You can accuse McCloud for a lot... but sometimes its more for the fun of it! 22-11-2006
- I Can't Stop Thinking! - Scott McCloud and family drives by, watching the incoming time for payback! 07-09-2007

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