The Perry Bible Fellowship
The Perry Bible Fellowship

- None recorded

- Goblins - One of the boys going sewer-spelunking seems to have a shirt featuring Thac0! Strip #198

Perry Bible Fellowship cameos/references can be found in:
- Chainsawsuit - Never seen before on PBF... the little robot stays alive in the last panel! 16-04-2008
- Blip - Do NOT underestimate the force of Unicorn Power in a shirt! 08-04-2009
- Chainsawsuit - This relationship seems to fare much better than the original take! 24-09-2008
- The Fart Party - Wonder how Perry Bible strips would be if they were a Cathy tribute? Nightmare

Nicholas Gurewitch cameos/references:
- Ginger Comics - I don't know if that's what Nicholas really wants... but who knows? #139
- Ginger Comics - So, just meeting Nicholas Gurewitch gives Anne a massive wedgie? #366

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