Peter & Whitney
Peter & Whitney

- None recorded

- The Fuzzy Princess - Say, does that happen to be Chiro we spot there in panel 5? 19-12-2016
- The Fuzzy Princess - In the back of the cafeteria we spot none other than Kuma hanging out! 13-02-2017
- Ask a Cat - None other than Cat can be seen hanging out at the Summer Swarm! 29-03-2017
- The Fuzzy Princess - Princess Kat is bringing a lot of material to the first class and need to concetrate on carrying! 22-05-2017
- The Fuzzy Princess - A young Queen Felicia can be spotted walking the hallways with the other students! 25-09-2017
- The Fuzzy Princess - Oh? Didn't know Queen Felicia was studying here, but it IS her waiting at the bus stop! 11-07-2022

Peter & Whitney cameos/references can be found in:
- Rascals - Looks like someone has left the TV on with the new series of "Peter & Whitney" running! 20-08-2016
- The Depths - Whitney is hanging out at the poolarea and merrily dragging a, naturally, stunned Peter with her! MA content warning!20-07-2019

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