The Pet Professional
The Pet Professional

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- Penny Arcade - There's pretty empty at the Penny Arcade table at Comicon 2005? 15-07-2005
- Checkerboard Nightmare - Wonder why there's noone at the CN-table at Comicon... is it closettime? 15-07-2005
- PvP Online - Even the table of PvP is obviously all empty... we are left in the dark to why? 15-07-2005
- PvP Online - Both Brent Sienna and Scratch Fury have made headlines in the newspaper! 08-07-2005
- PvP Online - A cute Skull-plushie can be found on a shelf in the bathroom! 05-08-2005

Pet Professional cameos/references can be found in:
- The Whiteboard - The Pet Professional logo worn by a Werewolf on Halloween? Nifty costume! 26-10-2005
- Something Positive - Choo-Choo hires the Pet Professional to help take out a rival! 24-05-2006

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Melonpool - Steve Troop doesn't have the best of luck at the con... did he forget the puppets? Gueststrip09-11-2005
- Starslip Crisis - Let's hope Kristofer Straub got the cobwebs removed after Wizard World Texas! Gueststrip09-11-2005

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