Pilli Adventure
Pilli Adventure

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- Bad Guy High - Bad Guy High is one the list of scholls Pilli is about to choose from! 22-05-2006
- Shortpacked - Something tells me Galasso will stay there for quite some time... and he did! 27-02-2009
- Bad Guy High - Do NOT harass little cute girls when Super Dan happens to be in Mexico for an extended visit! 01-07-2010
- Bad Guy High - Ethan too arrives in Mexico, and is allowed to stay because he brings Tequila! 07-07-2010

Pilli cameos/references can be found in:
- Sins - Heeeey... isn't that a Pilli doll there to the right on the shelf? 19-01-2007
- Magical Misfits - Both Pilli & Paco have arrived to the gathering where 400 strips of MM will be celebrated! 21-02-2007
- Sins - Pilli and Paco must have entered the competition as a tag-team... and what a team! 24-10-2008
- Gnerds - Arriving in Mexico for an extended stay, the Gnerds crew are greeted by Pilli, Paco and Mona! 04-06-2009
- Bad Guy High - Why buy Bad Guy High comics when you can read it free at Drunk Duck thinks Pilli...! Gueststrip29-09-2009
- Crossoverkill - Being assaulted by the Doppleganger Gang, Pilli and Paco are saved by Captain Perfect! 02-11-2010
- Crossoverkill - Both Pilli and Paco is hovering in the background of the superpowered mega-battle! 21-03-2011
- Eerie Cuties - Paco and Blair join forc...ehh, fights over the spoils of the latest panty-raid! Gueststrip22-11-2011

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