Pimp Cow
Pimp Cow

- None recorded

- None recorded

Pimp Cow cameos/references can be found in:
- David and John - Pimp Cow sneaks around in the background, wearing his smart grin! 25-10-2000
- Nerdz - Bessie gets the job of lying it off at the party! 10-01-2001
- Nerdz - Looks like Pimp Cow is doing some interesting business at the party! 12-01-2001
- Evil Overlords United - The teachings of Crystal is being monitored by the Overlords on their screen! 01-08-2007

Sandy "Bruk" cameos/references:
- Quarter Four - The figure depicting Sandy is set up as to running in fear of the dinosaur... or so it seems! 04-06-2008

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