- None recorded

- None recorded

Pinkerton cameos/references can be found in:
- Pugnuggle Tales - When the fight breaks out, Pinkerton DO wish he had stayed in the forest! 24-02-2008
- Antcomics - In horror and shock Martin and Tucker look at what just missed them at the bar! 26-02-2008
- Life & Death - Buckley has been invited in to help celebrate Steve and L&D's 500 strips! 02-04-2008
- Antcomics - Being a part of the big picture, both Martin and Buckley celebrated 100 strips of Antcomic! 28-07-2008
- Legend of Bill - Looks like there was one well-roasted Steve that didn't agree all too well with Bill ! Gueststrip09-10-2008
- Legend of Bill - Oooh... looks like the Dark Queen has a cute stuffed Pinkerton on her dressing table! 28-12-2009
- 1977 - Having Buckley, Steve, Tucker & Martin the Moose show up ensures a job at the Zoo for Jeff! 18-10-2010
- Woody After Hours - Tonight WAH will be turned upside down by the furry fellows of the animal kingdom! 01-12-2010

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