Pinky TA
Pinky TA

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- Evil Wenches Inc. - The infinity sign howering over Pinky's pillow, is a tribute to the Evil Wenches! 11-03-2005
- Detective Fork - Pinky is about to go "oral" on Fork who seems to be undercover again! 06-04-2005
- U.N.A.Frontiers - Pinky passes a "Bloody weird" Cyberna when she sails beneth the seas in her minisub! 03-06-2005
- The Devon Legacy - Guest starring as the agent in the last panel, we find none other than Sally! 12-12-2007
- Revenge Addict - Looks like Mer does NOT like the sight of the battleship coming straight for her ship! 18-03-2008
- Ryu-Hima - Ryu-hime sees the danger approaching and tries her best to get away from the impact! 18-03-2008
- Wakon Yosai - Adrian accepts the matters of fact as the disaster is imminent for the ship! 18-03-2008
- Typical Strange - Is that TK we spot there? Launching his thoughts about a possible traitor? 27-02-2016
- Brave Resistance - When you are with the Resistance in one world, you might as well join Pink's military in another! 27-02-2016
- Without Moonlight - Basil keeps his calm and reasoning, even in the onslaught of the evidence of treachery! 27-02-2016
- Putrid Meat - Looks like ensign Bones is not happy with the current situation! 27-02-2016
- Bottomless Waitress - Looks like someone got tired of the Diner and went into the alternate world military! 27-02-2016

Pinky TA cameos/references can be found in:
- Girl Bites World - Pinky is obviously on her way in to see the newest Matrix movie! 16-02-2005
- Short Bus Brothel - Glass asks Pinky to be his future... Ex-wife? 30-06-2005
- The KAMics - Sten dressed up as Pinky? I can easily imagine why THAT costume was rejected! 28-10-2005
- Pr0ncrest - Oooooh! Pinky TA's new action movie is out on DVD! Me want! MA content warning!03-11-2005
- The Critiques - There's a lot of good thing to talk about... at present all of them are about Pinky's backside! 12-02-2006
- Captain Manly - Looks like Pinky is all in for confirming that it is indeed Manly! 20-06-2006
- Magical Misfits - Never have a comic celebration without Pinky showing up... this time its 400 MM comics! 21-02-2007
- Detective Fork - Isn't that a copy of the very rare Pinky TA the Comic we can party see there? 02-07-2006
- Short Bus Brothel - A closeup filler of our alltime beloved Pinky! 02-07-2006
- Pr0nCrest - To celebrate the 4th of July, Dia waves the flag around dressed as Pinky! MA content warning!04-07-2006
- Short Bus Brothel - A little filler featuting the sexy Pinky and her impact upon the environment! 30-08-2006
- Short Bus Brothel - Yet another closeup filler of the very one and only Pinky! 14-12-2006
- Billy Learns to Rock - Dressed up as an Elf, Pinky has come to the Christmas Party... and gets leered at! 24-12-2006
- The Burnhams - Dressed up in Elf-costume, Pinky has come to the Christmas Party... and gets leered at! 24-12-2006
- Pr0nCrest - Pinky wants to help, but she realizes that THIS opponent is out of her league! MA content warning!28-12-2006
- Life Like Weeds - Pinky is out shopping in Miami, wearing her... desert gear? 03-01-2007
- Sexy Bouncin Oppai Troopers - A Pinky TA Edition Plasma Repeater Rifle? I want one! MA content warning!18-03-2007
- M. Organ Art - Pussy TA? Hmm.... that sounds like Pinky in a dark alternate Porn-dimension! MA content warning!18-07-2007
- Evil Overlords United - Pinky TA takes place among Wars, so the EO's better keep an eye on it! 01-08-2007
- Life & Death - Pinky is good at being in mens dreams, and here she is in Steve's! 12-08-2007
- CameoComic - Guess Pinky would like a cameo in the Great Battle... a choice perhaps! 24-08-2007
- The KAMics - Out on the battlefield we spot Pinky's mech blasting enemy troops to cinders! 17-09-2007
- Silvershot - A Fanart Filler shows one touch and armed Pinky TA! 14-10-2007
- Charby the Vampirate - Pinky has found herself in strange places over time... but at a Demon Party!?! 23-10-2007
- Magiversity - Looks like Pinky has set up shop in the coming storyline of Magiversity! 07-02-2008
- Billy Learns To Rock - Invited to a 200 strip Beach Party, and Pinky lounges under the umbrella! 30-08-2007
- Hypershooter - When Pinky's highpowered are no good against a giant robot, another approach is needed! 20-06-2009
- Life & Death - An imagined party for the 700 strips of L&D, and Pinky is off course among the guests! 05-08-2009
- Putrid Meat - For an extended guest-visit, Pinky gets to battle it out against Bones! Gueststrip01-10-2009
- Life & Death - Rarely is a Steve-party seen without Pinky, and off course she is at the 800 strip one! 19-04-2010
- Magiversity - Pinky steps forth to give it as the experiences and thought retired Gun Mage! 14-05-2010
- Magiversity - Armed and alert as always, Pinky flies around for the 150 strip celebration! 20-05-2010
- Life & Death - Pinky enjoys the view, standing at the back of the boat where the 900 strip celebration takes place! 06-01-2011
- Life & Death - Figures that when there's pitfights to watch, Pinky will be there to enjoy it! 19-09-2011
- Life & Death - Pinky relaxes in the pool, enjoying the returning parties for every hundred stripr! 19-06-2012

Michael John "Ozoneocean" Morris cameos/references:
- AACMAW - Using the webcomic-force, Ozoneocean summons Brick back to work on his comic! 12-01-2006
- The KAMics - Even though he only gets to see the backside of the Portal, Ozoneocean wants it! 04-09-2006
- Nancy the Necromancer - Poor Ozoneocean... he came, he hit, he croaked! 07-02-2007
- This Ego of Mine - Ozoneocean is on the Valentines list, but HAS been taken care of! 10-02-2007
- M. Organ Art - Wonder if an Ozone Ocean is worth drinking? It sounds like it's watered down! MA content warning!19-03-2007
- Madscott - Poor lost Ozoneocean... but what a place to get lost!! 10-07-2007
- Creepy Carly - Poor Ozoneocean, he did get ahead, but Carly was the reason for it! 25-12-2007
- The Burnhams - Attending the bashout party, Ozoneocean makes an impression worthy Chuck Norris! 01-05-2008
- Magiversity - Special magical charges, ready for enpowerment by spell... provided by Ozone Ocean! 29-05-2010

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