Playing With Knives
Playing With Knives

- None recorded

- None recorded

Playing With Knives cameos/references can be found in:
- Nowhere so far

Vorticus cameos/references:
- Angry D. Monkey - Evil Vort (Vorticus) taunts Tongry... while safely up in the Mean Green Machine! 22-02-2006
- Role of the Die - In order to meet eye to eye, Vorticus has found the use of a chair! 10-05-2006
- Elvenbaath - Even though he can't listen, Vort-plushie could bring comfort with a backrub! 12-07-2006
- Alternate Delusions - Even without hands, Vorticus proudly wears the ring of the Green Lanterns! 22-07-2006
- Cortland - Vorticus looks scared by the thought of being single the rest of his life! 06-09-2006
- Cortland - A movie is "Not safe for Vort", so we better keep it away from Vorticus! 13-09-2006
- JunkRIOT - Vorticus has become an excellent cheer-up plushie at the hospital-counter! 22-09-2006
- The Volet - If Pete could just see... he would surely recognize Vort among the shadowy shapes! 22-09-2006
- Reckless Youth - Human Vorticus stands ready to serve his Messiah should he need anything! 06-10-2006
- Cortland - Angie is wearing a shirt with the cutest Vorticus to date! 09-10-2006
- JunkRIOT - Zombiefied Vorticus is running amok on Friday the 13th! 13-10-2006
- Tales of Pylea - Walking around in the background, we find Vorticus with his trademark stovepipe! 05-11-2006
- Parallel Dementia - When he was young, David had a T-shirt with Vorticus on! 08-11-2006
- Emergency Exit - On Miyagi's table we find a little Vorticus among the other strange knickknacks! 04-12-2006
- Lightbringer - Okay! That seems to be a genuine Vorticus doll we spot there on the table! 15-12-2005

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