Plugged Nickel
Plugged Nickel

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- Post Sex Clean-Up - You try keeping up high standards when there's goodies over in Post Sex Clean-Up! 01-07-2003
- Krakow - For the Halloween strips, Misty has chosen to dress up as Kia! 31-10-2003
- Sam & Fuzzy - Fushy has lost his head and decided to dress up as Fuzzy for Halloween! 31-10-2003
- The Adventures of Fifine - Mycroft is dressing up as the tall, mighty and haughty General Barrax! 31-10-2003
- Wapsi Square - Vanilla is filling out the 8-ball costume of Monica pretty well... but she doesn't shake! 31-10-2003
- VG Cats - Scott does his best to be Leo in his Halloween costume! 31-10-2003
- Supermegatopia - Shag wants to dress up as Weasel Boy for Halloween, and he just need the tail! 31-10-2003
- Gaming Guardians - Irving has dressed up in a pajamas as a somewhat misplaced Graveyard Greg! 31-10-2003
- Freefall - Ronald would have been ugly for Halloween, if he hasn't come as Sam Starfall! 31-10-2003
- One Knight's Tail - Mycroft has picked up the full armor of Sir Chance the Brave, and it pays off! 31-10-2004
- Twokinds - Vanilla Watson is purring in her Halloween outfit as Flora! 31-10-2004
- Bizarre Uprising - Irving has donned the shirt and goes as Mitsu Onin Yamora for Halloween! 31-10-2004
- The Lounge - Caroline is sexy and inviting dressed up for halloween as Italy Ishida! 31-10-2004
- Bill and Erik - Shag has taken the role as Bill up for the Halloween occasion! 31-10-2004
- On the Edge - Misty Nickel is decked out as Alice for this Halloween special occasion! 31-10-2004
- Staccato - Seems like the Round-Headed guy in the Halloween strip has dressed up as Staccato himself! 31-10-2004
- Loserz - Posey Lestraude is totally hot dressed up (or lacking the dress) as Josie! 31-10-2004
- Krazy Larry - Specs Warner does his best to look as crazy as Larry for Halloween... but doesn't succeed! 31-10-2004
- Acid Keg - Add some raingear, and Chocolate Watson is dressed up as Helen for Halloween! 31-10-2004
- End Times - Strawberry Watson is having fun at Hallowen dressed up as Xiang! 31-10-2004
- Radioactive Panda - Even the artist himself shows up for the occasion as Professor Steve Wallock! 31-10-2004
- Achewood - Scott Hatcher is digging it as Ray Smuckles for Halloween, aaaaaaall the way! 31-10-2004
- Oriyan - Cori Calinor finds herself a little embaressed dressed as Ceria for the Halloween special! 31-10-2004
- You Damn Kid - Ricky Lestraude has taken the chance and come as The Kid for the occasion! 31-10-2004
- Gashapon Shop - Caramel Watson seems to be enjoying being Rainess for Halloween special! 31-10-2004
- Commander Kitty - Cecil has made enough changed to go as Commander Kitty for Halloween! 31-10-2004
- Wapsi Square - Getting a drink in Wapsi Cafe wearing something ripped off Monica isn't that bad, huh? 07-09-2005
- Girl Genius - For Halloween Vanilla and Mycroft are dressed up as Ms. Agatha Clay and a Jägermonster! 31-10-2005
- Flipside - Following the latest storyline, Harley dresses as Maytag for Halloween! 31-10-2005
- Punks and Nerds - Scott has pulled on the Halloween-outfit to become... Bruceman! 31-10-2005
- Hellbound - Rather shocked, Caroline finds herself go as Melenethriel for Halloween! 31-10-2005
- Las Lindas - Looking cute and innocent, Cori is Halloween-dressed up as Mora! 31-10-2005
- Gene Catlow - Svetlana is dressed up as Tavie dressed up in Canovian garments! 31-10-2005
- Zortic - Strawberry is filling out her costume nicely as Zoie in the Halloween special! 31-10-2005
- Mine's Bigger - Chocolate is totally dressed up big for Halloween as Nenwavriana! 31-10-2005
- Ozy & Millie - Little Caramel has managed to stich a Millicent Hallowen costume together! 31-10-2005
- Mike's Stupid Comics - Ircing has patched himself up as Pierce for the Halloween occasion! 31-10-2005
- Girly - Misty is all done up for Halloween to look like Otra! 31-10-2005
- Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki - Hammer and smile, Posey IS Kanazuchi Yuuki this Halloween! 31-10-2005
- Evil Inc. - You must admit that Vanilla is filling out the costume of Miss Match pretty well! 31-10-2006
- Shortpacked! - Harley has dressed up as Amber for Halloween... Amber in her corset! 31-10-2006
- Nodwick - Mycroft has chosen to come as the hardworking henchman Nodwich for Halloween! 31-10-2006
- Funny Farm - Scott likes computeres, so coming as PC for Halloween is natural! 31-10-2006
- Dr. McNinja - Irving has come for Halloween in the full uniform of Dr. McNinja! 31-10-2006
- Goblins - Bane of Goblins, Jason enters Halloween Dressed as the Goblin Slayer! 31-10-2006
- Muertitos - Bandaged from top to toe, Svetlana is Ankhmutes this Halloween! 31-10-2006
- Elf Only Inn - For Halloween, Bobbi comes as Megan, in the costume of her Elven avatar! 31-10-2006
- Melonpool - Today's filler contains a great rendition of Mayberry Melonpool as Han Solo! 06-11-2006
- Sam & Fuzzy - This Halloween Irving has chosen to dress up as the famous brand of Coorporate Ninja! 31-10-2007
- White Ninja - To counter one Halloween ninja. Scott shows up as White Ninja! 31-10-2007
- Namir Deiter - The Halloween ninja duel takes place around a Namir Deiter branded pinata! 31-10-2007
- Awesome Storm Justice 41 - Jason shows up for Halloween, fully dressed up as Blazeguy! 31-10-2007
- Lackadaisy - With an attitude to match, Svetlana is Mitzi this Halloween special! 31-10-2007
- Wonderella - With Vanilla dressed up as Wonderalle, its difficult to match her! 31-10-2007
- Lancaster the Ghost Detective - This Halloween special. Mycroft is dressed up as Lancaster! 31-10-2007
- Dresden Codak - Fully loaded up with equipment, Harley is Kimoko Ross for Halloween! 31-10-2007

Plugged Nickel cameos/references can be found in:
- Fight, Cast Or Evade - Mycroft and Caroline are partying away with the rest of the students! 24-08-2005

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