Princess Chroma
Princess Chroma

- None recorded

- M9Girls! - Any in her Blue Destiny incarnation makes a lovely stained glass window in the Royal Court! 18-02-2014
- GROOVY, KINDA - Edison picked the wrong day to visit Elysium it seems...! 18-02-2014
- The Demon Archives - Looks like Jane has taken leave for a bit to function as an angelic guardian in the royal court! 18-02-2014
- I Killed the Hero? - Striker is among all the people who seems to have followed Chroma and Sir Plumber! 24-09-2014
- The Demon Archives - Armored Tenzin has shown up at the crack of dawn among the people to watch the spectacle! 24-09-2014
- Zoie - Zoie have followed along early in the morning to see what Chroma and Plumber is up to! 24-09-2014
- Aqua Scope - A whole lot of people, among them Bea, have followed Chroma and Plumber here to see whats going to happen! 24-09-2014
- October 20th - Rai is not one to miss out on anything interesting and have followed along for the show! 24-09-2014
- Ruby Nation - The back of Ruby can be spotted among the throng that has followed Plumber and Chroma! 24-09-2014
- DEGAF - Many people, and Britney among them, seem to have discreetly showed up to see whats happening! 24-09-2014
- Etoile - When something interesting takes place, Etoile is among the people showing up to watch! 24-09-2014
- M9Girls - Not one to miss out on the fun, Pato has run along with all the other people! 24-09-2014
- Sam the Dragon - Definitely going to see what will take place, Flutterby has flown along with the crowd! 24-09-2014
- True Power - Gio has shown up with all the other people so see what the flying duo has planned! 24-09-2014
- GROOVY, KINDA - You can't do anything discreetly when Robespierre and the crowd comes along! 24-09-2014
- Batty - In the crowd, as seen from the back, we spot none other than Count Ghoulie! 03-12-2014
- Clockwork Atrium - Is that Deitrich we can see there in the crowd? Looks like it! 03-12-2014
- Damsels Don't Wear Glasses - Among all the people milling around we see none other than Lave! 03-12-2014
- Vatican Assassins - Viola seems to be among the crowd walking the streets tonight! 03-12-2014
- Kyria - Say, is that Vael we see there lining up for an autographed book from PC? 10-12-2014
- I, Mummy - There's no way you can NOT notify Jane lining up there for autographed books! 10-12-2014
- Blitz Phoenix - Looks like Terry also wants to get a book autographed by Princess Chroma! 10-12-2014
- Princess Retribution - In the convention crowd for the book signing we spot the one and only Princess Hana! 10-12-2014
- Bowser Baddie Revolution - Aaaw, how sweet... the baby got a Goomba figure on his nappie! 10-12-2014
- I Killed the Hero? - Miranda is a good baker, but she does NOT want greasy fingers on her glass stand! 26-07-2016
- Batty - Looks like Batty has volunteered to help drag the sleed across the skies tonight! Bonus Reel 12-07-2015
- Zelfia - Mayy has grabbed a lined and helps bring the sleed and presents out to the world! Bonus Reel 12-07-2015
- Peter Pan - For Peter Pan its just straight out and into the morning with sleed and presents! Bonus Reel 12-07-2015
- Starpunch Girl - StarPunch Girl is one of the volunteers who are bringing out presents tonight! Bonus Reel 12-07-2015
- KerBop - Kerbop is out tonight to deliver presents to good boys and girls! Bonus Reel 12-07-2015
- Aqua Scope - Forrest Smith is doing his to help delivering the presents out on in the world! Bonus Reel 12-07-2015
- Sam the Dragon - Corny has volunteered to help bringing presents out to good boys and girls in the world! Bonus Reel 12-07-2015
- Nate the Robot - Nate seems to take a liking to his job of bringing out presents tonight! Bonus Reel 12-07-2015
- Everyday Abnormal - Gen is among the many volunteers who are out bring presents to boys and girls alike! Bonus Reel 12-07-2015
- I, Mummy - Tonight Jane has volunteered to help feed the hungry in the world! Bonus Reel 12-07-2015
- I Killed the Hero? - Tonight Miranda has dressed up to serve cookies, doing her to feed the hungry! Bonus Reel 12-07-2015
- Zukahnaut - Zukah has donned his Santa costume and is ready to help feed the hungry of the world! Bonus Reel 12-07-2015
- M9Girls - Karla is eager to do her best on this special night, feeding the hungry! Bonus Reel 12-07-2015
- Kyria - In her fox form, Violene is going to help feed the hungry of the world along with the rest of the volunteers! Bonus Reel 12-07-2015
- Brave Resistance - Hunter has signed up to do some good tonight, feeding the hungry for a start! Bonus Reel 12-07-2015
- The Demon Archives - Tenzin, in full uniform, effectively cleans up crime on this special night of the year! Bonus Reel 12-07-2015
- Bohica Blues - Lt. Mizrachi is part of the group of volunteers who clean up crime for the night! Bonus Reel 12-07-2015
- Once Stung - On this night Cynthia has volunteered to help clean the world of crime for good measure! Bonus Reel 12-07-2015
- Comatose - Jane is effectively helping out clean up the crime of the world to bring peace about! Bonus Reel 12-07-2015
- Ensanguine - Guy seems to be a bit suspecious about taking part in these holiday festivitas! Bonus Reel 12-07-2015
- Vatican Assassins - Sister Rain is merrily partying along to celebrate this special night of the year! Bonus Reel 12-07-2015
- Ruby Nation - Ruby is happily lightning a light to celebrate this evening... Happy Everything! Bonus Reel 12-07-2015
- Sweet Dreams are Made of Worms - Ego is keeping a suspecious eye on the happenings on this happy evening! Bonus Reel 12-07-2015
- Doc and Raider - Doc and Raider is going about the partying in earnest, congaing along! Bonus Reel 12-07-2015
- Loney Skeleton - The Skeleton is not so lonely tonight, congaing along with the rest of the party! Bonus Reel 12-07-2015
- Alignment - Skirmish is having a great time tonight, partying along and celebrating Everything! Bonus Reel 12-07-2015
- Rhapsodies - Michelle enjoyes her drink and wishes everybody a Happy Everything! Bonus Reel 12-07-2015

Princess Chroma cameos/references can be found in:
- GROOVY, KINDA - Is that Princess Chroma we see walk by there? With a dead... rabbit!? :o 02-01-2013
- GROOVY, KINDA - Looks like the recent coordinates have send Stephanie and larry to the worlds of Princess Chroma! 11-10-2015

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