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- None recorded

- Dinosaur Comics - Stalking Dragon and pizza-bearded gnome... thats what you get with substitute writers! 19-04-2013

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Superslackers - Steven Manale is the one to break off from the concept and show something moderately interesting! 02-01-2005
- Superslackers - It's usually a good idea to draw what you think about... just not always in Steve's case! 22-01-2006
- Kukuburi - Showing the king a new suggestion for his flag is none other than Ramón Pérez! 05-04-2006
- Superslackers - Steve should stay to his drawings ot Tut Tut Tut, he always gets hungry when making flags! 23-07-2006
- Kukuburi - Poor Ramón... enjoying the party but being laughed of in the back because of his sideburns...! 10-09-2006
- Superslackers - Steve may be good a ringtossing, but eggs on a porcupine? Forget it! 08-10-2006
- Raising Hell - Andy Belanger shows off his suggestion for a royal flag... a Biclops hack! 08-04-2007
- Sin Titulo - Cameron Stewart goes with the best of the hack flag suggestions... a Triceraclops! 08-04-2007
- Kukuburi - Artist Ramón doesn't even get to show off his design this time... ! 08-04-2007
- Promises Promises - Julie Faulkner presents her suggestion for the kingdom heraldy... a Yak! 16-06-2013
- Rutabaga Adventure Chef - I don't know what Eric Colossal was smoking when he came up with Bananha... but I want some! 23-06-2013
- Chester 5000 XYV - Jess Fink is the artist coming closest to the king's flag... with Monkeys and Typewriters! 23-06-2013

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