Pugnuggle Tales
Pugnuggle Tales

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- [blood/hound] - The looming hulk of Bloodhound can be seen lumbering towards the concert! 25-11-2007
- Simply Sarah - Looks like Sarah and Janey took at wrong door and ended up at the infamous Midnight Kegger! 25-11-2007
- Terran Sandz - That futuristic haircut in the foreground looks to belong to none other than Terran Sandz! 25-11-2007
- The Unitary Authority of Ersatz - Kip & Wigwam has found an easy way to be carried to the Midnight Kegger! 25-11-2007
- Zorphbert and Fred - Zorphbert & Fred has both shown up to take notes on the happenings at the party! 09-12-2007
- Boner and Punkin - Boner and Punkin have been taken for much... but for a pair of boobs? 11-12-2007
- A View of Venus - Venus sure knows how to handle possible fondlers... of the none-paying kind! 11-12-2007
- I Was A Teenage Robot - In the background among the strange crowd we easily spot a Teenage Robot! 22-12-2007
- Amzie's Happy Metropolis - When there's beer saved at the Midnight Kegger, Amzie's will off course be represented! 28-12-2007
- Lack of Ethics - There's beer for anyone at the Kegger, but some should not drink! 28-12-2007
- The Faction - Standing in line for the Kegger, Ratchet looks... like she could pull one prank or another! 28-12-2007
- Antcomics - Hey! It looks like none other than the Ants are going to play up at the Kegger! 01-01-2008
- Goosetown and Lunchbreak - Both Goosetwon and Lunchbreak have found their way to the Midnight Kegger! 13-01-2008
- Weird Adv. in Unemployment - Wriggley seems to get around a lot during the Lempkin showcasing! 20-01-2008
- Cross Worlds Nexus - At the special Midnight Kegger, both Danger Son and Roxi can be seen hanging out! 02-02-2008
- A Bit Cheesy - Does that happen to be Mick we spot there at the crazy Midnight Kegger? 02-02-2008
- Otto Small Evil Genius - Otto thinks that the Midnight Kegger lives up when a fight is about to break out! 02-02-2008
- Kiss 4K The Webcomic - Death-Metal Dave will soon find himself at a Midnight Kegger where hell breaks loose! 02-02-2008
- The Holiday Doctor - Both Spink and Irene watch in horror as the fight breaks out at the Midnight Kegger! 11-02-2008
- Raw Fish? - Melvin finds it awesome that a fight breaks out... its been too quiet around the Kegger? 11-02-2008
- The Electric Owl - Yep, coming in to clear the Midnight Kegger is none other than the Electric Owl! 24-02-2008
- Pinkerton - When the fight breaks out, Pinkerton DO wish he had stayed in the forest! 24-02-2008
- The Nonstandard Assembly - Jonny Axx knows that the Jolly Rogers crashing the Midnight Kegger means trouble! 26-04-2008
- Phineus, Magician For Hire - Phineus is powering up his magic, NOT backing down to the Jolly Rogers! 03-05-2008
- Flick and Jube - Together Flick and Jube watch as the angel descends from the sky to the Midnight Kegger! 17-05-2008
- Asshole - Susie and Trevor was at the Midnight Kegger when suddenly Skyangel descended! 17-05-2008
- Tales From Two Tiny Tittybars - One certain stripper showed up at the Midnight Kegger and saw Skyangel coming! 17-05-2008
- Obscene Cuisine - Chef Vinny took the night off to join the Midnight Kegger and watch an angel descend! 17-05-2008
- Revenge Addict - Mer looks up to the descending Skyangel and politely asks everyone to SHUT UP! 17-05-2008
- The Compozers - Looking up into the night during the Midnight Keeger, Brahms spots Skyangel descending! 17-05-2008
- Shades - Doug takes the sight of the descending Skyangel in full stride, wanting to hear what she says! 17-05-2008
- The Faction - Off course Buttercup goes completely wild when she sees all the fishes floating by overhead! 24-05-2008

Pugnuggle cameos/references can be found in:
- Antcomics - Lempki Sputnik is not thrilled with the co-workers he has been assigned! 19-11-2007
- Simply Sarah - Finally it has come out, and the bookstore is carrying it... Pugnuggle Tales the Book! 16-12-2007
- Antcomics - In the background, enjoying a brew at the Frontier Bowl Bar, we have Lempki! 04-02-2008
- Antcomics - Both HarryQ and Lempki Sputnik have off course been added to the 100 strip picture! 28-07-2008

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Shades - Looks like DAJB has found his way to the line in wait for the kegger at the party! 28-12-2007
- Simply Sarah - Down from the sky above appears the illustrated angel of the night! Skyangel is coming down! 17-05-2008

Harold "Harryq" Dean Cupec cameos/references:
- Zorphbert & Fred - Harry himself is represented in the celebrational strip that honours 100 comics of Z&F! 18-09-2007

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