Punch an' Pie
Punch an' Pie

- None recorded

- General Protection Fault - Looks like there's a Fred-plushie among all of Angela's "crap"! 02-03-2007
- Striptease - Looks like at least Max and Alli have managed to attend this extraordinary wedding! 11-02-2014

Punch an' Pie cameos/references can be found in:
- Something Positive - Angela has a stall up at the market, selling Pie AND punches! 28-09-2007

Aeire & Chris Daily cameos/references:
- The Devil's Panties - If you are at Comic-Con, visit booth 2003, Jennie shares it with Aeire among others! 21-07-2008
- Something Positive - Sharing a booth with Randy at Comic-Con will be none other than the lovely Aeire! 22-07-2008
- Two Lumps - From this angle, Aiere and Chris Daily is... recognizeable? Perhaps for the Lumps...! 10-07-2009

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