Punks and Nerds
Punks and Nerds

- None recorded

- Questionable Content - Punks and Nerds do their take on the QC suicide remembrance! 11-12-2005

Punks and Nerds cameos/references can be found in:
- Recklesss Youth - Mike is cheering along with the other partygoers at the College Frat Party! 16-04-2005
- The Devil's Panties - What looks to be an advertising poster for P&N hangs on the wall behind Jennie! 25-08-2005
- Plugged Nickel - Scott has pulled on the Halloween-outfit to become... Bruceman!! 31-10-2005
- Road Waffles - Brad & Jade indeed look like a happy couple...walking hand in hand! 12-01-2006
- Candi - Jade is quietly sipping her coffee at Moonbucks while love is in the air! 06-04-2006

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