Purple Pussy
Purple Pussy

- None recorded

- Homestar Runner - Purple Pussy shows up at the door wearing a Homestar mask for Halloween! 14-10-2002

Purple Pussy cameos/references can be found in:
- Geek Blather - A friendly reminder about you NO stealing other's art... like what happened to Dave Kelly! 11-04-2007

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Superosity - Anthromorphed Chris Crosby has to explain why Purple's book is delayed! 06-03-2002
- Nukees - Even anthromorphed into a rat, Darren Bleuel is still stressed over work! 06-03-2002
- PvP Online - Obviously an anthromorhed Scott Kurtz is having fun on behalf of Keenspot's problems! 06-03-2002
- Superosity - Chris Crosby, in his anthromorphed form, is among the characters at the 1 year anniversary! 02-10-2002
- Nukees - Showing a little more anger, anthromorphed Darren Bleuel can be seen at the 1 year anniversary! 02-10-2002
- PvP Online - In his anthromorphed form, Scott Kurtz is also among the many characters assembled! 02-10-2002

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