Putrid Meat
Putrid Meat

- None recorded

- Pinky TA - For an extended guest-visit, Pinky gets to battle it out against Bones! Gueststrip01-10-2010

Putrid Meat cameos/references can be found in:
- Antcomics - Looks like Bones is far from impressed with Terry's sugaraffected antics! 18-02-2008
- How Unfortunate - There's no mistaking Bones and Puke hanging out as the car drives by! 11-05-2008
- Antcomics - Scary as usual, Bones have made his appearance at the 100th Antcomics strip! 28-07-2008
- Two Weeks Notice - Now that is one hell of a poster for Putrid Meat the video game there! 20-06-2009
- The Dragonfists of Smorty Smythe - Figures that Bones is such a fan of Amelius that he comes along to sing her praise! 07-08-2009
- Off Hours - The Draconic version of Bones seems to best enjoy his drink... on the table! 04-01-2010
- The Dragonfists of Smorty Smythe - Startling revelations about Smorty and Bones... that they are members of the same hair club! 09-02-2010
- The Dragonfists of Smorty Smythe - It's... not easy to see how Bones react to Jigsaw's declaration of game-time! 25-10-2010
- Used Books - In the background we see Bones, having a smoke and taking in the situation! 13-02-2014
- The Devon Legacy - Can't really say if Bones looks shocked or angry when suddenly the ground starts to shake! 02-04-2015
- Pinky TA - Looks like ensign Bones is not happy with the current situation! 27-02-2016

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