Tales of Pylea
Tales of Pylea

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- The War of Winds - Talon is having the time of his life, dancing happily on the tables of the tavern! 24-09-2006
- Talismen - Ollie and Astrina is enjoying a quiet drink and each other in the tavern's corner! 24-09-2006
- Tales of the Traveling Gnome - F'nor is having a runin with Dottiar and Imp at the tavern! 01-10-2006
- Astorauth - Among the many customers at the tavern, we also find Avery Driscol enjoying himself! 01-10-2006
- Elvenbaath - Curiosity killed the cat... but what will happen when Solution gets curious? 15-10-2006
- Circle Arcadia - Lilie moves aside as the hooded stranger walks past her in the crowdy tavern! 19-11-2006

Tales of Pylea cameos/references can be found in:
- Elvenbaath - Mr. Muscles, aka. Uthnar, and his snakes seem to have an interest in Atra! 22-07-2005
- Knights of Vesteria - F'nor looks puzzled towards the companions... wondering about Panda's noise? 08-11-2006
- Evil Overlords United - Watching out for potential targets, the EO's keep an eye on Tales of Pylea! 04-04-2007
- Dissent - F'nor hangs out, relaxing a little, talking with the other people in the room! 06-04-2007

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Legostar Galactica - Charming D. M. Jeftinija is ruling the tavern by force of personality! 24-09-2006
- Burgundy Comic, INC. - The serving wench CJ is catering to the eyes of the customers! 24-09-2006
- Angry D. Monkey - The grim bartender of the tavern is among others known better as K-Dawg! 01-10-2006
- Playing with Knives - Walking around in the background, we find Vorticus with his trademark stovepipe! 05-11-2006

A. Chow (Humbug) and Matt "Net" Summers cameos/references:
- The Menagerie - Humbug is also in the airport, and has even reached the check-in counter! 20-02-2005
- Thespiphobia - It's the grand opening night of the show, and Humbug is one of the spectators! 13-03-2005
- Emergency Exit - Net is a tough boss to work for, you "almost" get sorry for Karl's double! 26-04-2008

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