Queen of Wands
Queen of Wands

- Something Positive - Choo-Choo goes down the drain and ends up with Kestrel and Shannon! 16-09-2002
- Something Positive - Davan and Kestel begins an embaressing net-chat, but end up talking close! 10-05-2004
- Something Positive - Kestrel travels to Boston, meeting up with Branween and a job-interview! 16-08-2004

- College Roomies From Hell!!! - The heads of the roomies Dave, Margerat and Roger can be seen! 12-07-2002
- Boy Meets Boy - Fox and Collin show up at Kestrels door for Halloween... bad luck for them! 30-10-2002
- Something Positive - Kim and Aubrey gives advice to a brooding Kestrel at the bar! 12-12-2002
- Funny Farm - Nope, Ront and Mewn... you are not the only ones who come to this section! Gueststrip18-03-2003
- Shinku - You know what Leroy? Robbie is 100% right for once! Gueststrip18-03-2003
- Something Positive - Choo-Choo the panty-thief is not much for giving up the spoils! 29-03-2003
- Something Positive - Monette and Lisa appear and the Ren-Fair to weird Angela out for a couple of strips! 19-05-2003
- Something Positive - Sharing the pillory with Angela is not good for the hearing of Davan's father! 26-05-2003
- Men in Hats - A Man in Hat lets of steam after a most exiting sight! Gueststrip24-11-2003
- Something Positive - Is that a little cute Choo-Choo doll? 12-12-2003
- Something Positive - Choo Choo pops up an old haunt of Kestrels in front of Davan and Peejee! Gueststrip18-02-2004
- Something Positive - Finally it is revealed how Kestrel's panties end up with Choo-Choo and Davan! 07-05-2004
- Something Positive - Davan and Kestrel have a little job-related issue to chat about over the net! 07-07-2004

Queen of Wands cameos/references can be found in:
- Cinderblock - Felix appears on a picture honoring Free Comic Book Day! 01-05-2003
- Something Positive - Looks like Choo-Choo has taken to sneak away and steal Kestrel's underwear! 23-04-2004
- Something Positive - Oh my! Look what ends in the background! 24-02-2005
- Checkerboard Nightmare - I don't think this was the intended ending to QoW! 24-02-2005
- Irregular Webcomics - The end of the alternate ending of Queen of Wands 25-02-2005
- The Whiteboard - The car that ran Kestrel down in the alternate ending for sale! 28-02-2005
- Evil Wenches Inc. - Your life is pure Queen of Wands when something like this happens... literally! 06-10-2005

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- It's Walky! - This must have been how it was to be with David Willis on a toy-spree! Gueststrip18-03-2003

Aeire cameos/references:
- Blotto Street - Aeire has picked up a cute looking Werecoyote at the Tunnel of Love! 25-03-2001

Hogan's Notes:

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