Radioactive Panda
Radioactive Panda

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- Ctrl+Alt+Del - Guess not all little monsters wants a little sister for Winter-een-mas! 30-01-2004
- Ctrl+Alt+Del - Lots of things happen on Winter-een-mas, generosity and monsters on rampage! 31-01-2005
- Little Gamers - Well, they are Swedish, so the Wee Vikings must be the Little Gamers! 12-03-2006
- Oh My Gods! - It's fitting that a pagan webcomic is represented by Li'l Druids! 12-03-2006
- Achewood - A hidden puppeteer brings references to Achewood into the stringed play! 20-03-2006
- PvP Online - The Roman Puppetry is one big PvP-reference, complete with Skull! 26-03-2006
- Checkerboard Nightmare - The puppetry scene of Chesspiece Soliloquy COULD refer to Checkerboard! 26-03-2006
- Ctrl+Alt+Del - So... Buck Timley is running a puppetshow with the initial T.E.D? Reference indeed! 10-04-2006
- Penny Arcade - The design on the robes of those two birdie aliens looks veeeeery familiar! 08-05-2006
- Questionable Content - The bouncer's design looks like Pintsize, yet more... Tanksize! 05-06-2006
- Sluggy Freelance - Do you need a Chinchilla with a chainsaw when you have a rabbit with a switchblade? 05-06-2006
- White Ninja - The conjugate of the infamous White Ninja greets people with sugar-pellets! 19-06-2006
- Least I Could Do - "Greased I Could Do" is more pun-like, but the sign nails the reference down! 31-07-2006

Radioactive Panda cameos/references can be found in:
- The Whiteboard - Looks like Eric has a little trouble with getting to his beer! 20-10-2004
- Plugged Nickel - Even the artist himself shows up for the occasion as Professor Steve Wallock! 31-10-2004
- Narbonic - Helen is spending time at the conference, talking to Prof. Steve & Dr. Eric! 10-12-2004
- The Whiteboard - Even dressed out as a Pet Professional, Al looks a little bit annoyed! 26-10-2005

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