The Eye of Ramalach
The Eye of Ramalach

- None recorded

- My Life With Fel - One thing Mayte CAN enjoy on the TV, is the latest episode of My Life With Fel! 17-10-2014
- UberQuest - Getting a close-up to a dragonfight, Claire is quick to pull out her phone and record! 16-02-2015
- Las Lindas - TV anchor Randal has a few things to say about the recent dragon sightings in town! 29-03-2015
- Knuckle Up - TV anchor Jupiter can only laugh at the antics of her co-host! 29-03-2015
- UberQuest - No wonder both Ron and Ginny are playing the all popular MMRPG UberQuest! 14-02-2016
- Las Lindas - Coming up next at a TV-screen near you; The next season of the all popular Las Lindas-series! 30-04-2018

The Eye of Ramalach cameos/references can be found in:
- Yosh! - Alex obviously enjoy staying low and sticking her head in for the Yosh Christmas Special! 23-12-2009
- My Life With Fel - Both Alex and Mayte are among the Hybrids greeting Mugger and Tina! 06-01-2013
- The Draconia Chronicles - During the 1st of April shakeup the cast of EoR star in the Draconia Chronicles... with slugs! Gueststrip01-04-2013
- Debunkers - Ramalach, or someone dressed as Ramalach, is a part of the Halloween festivitas! 29-10-2016
- Uberquest - That seems to be Mayte we spot there hanging out in street and apparently sharing a funny story! 30-11-2016
- DMFA - Benjamin is really digging the buffet at Piflak's party, trying a bit here and there! 16-12-2017
- My Life With Fel - Joining the surprising group shout for Bunny we find none other than Marianne! 15-02-2021
- Knuckle Up - None other than Mayte has apparently joined Deva's "Armee Sexy" to good effect! Page 124

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