- None recorded

- Knuckle Up - An official "Knuckle Up" poster adorns one of the walls in the apartment! 11-04-2014
- UberQuest - Sesame apparently has just exited the building and wonder what the ruckus on the road is about! 12-07-2014
- Las Lindas - A pictures celebrating 10 years of Las Lindas is featured prominently on the screen! 19-09-2014
- Caribbean Blue - And Liona appears, sporting her formfitting Caribbean Blue shirt! 15-10-2014
- UberQuest - Looks like the cafe has a picture featuring Kibbles hanging on the wall! 28-11-2014
- UberQuest - Reading the printed edition of UberQuest while waiting is the best way to spend the time! 02-10-2015
- Las Lindas - The girls are about to enter "Los Lindos" where everyone is in for a genderbended treat! 22-01-2016
- Las Lindas - A poster with a wimsy sweaterclad Mora adorns the wall in the bedroom! 29-04-2016
- Las Lindas - A "Cousin Sunny" that works on a farm? That does sound like somebody we know! 18-06-2016
- Peter & Whitney - Looks like someone has left the TV on with the new series of "Peter & Whitney" running! 20-08-2016
- Las Lindas - Off course daddy is reading the newest Las Lindas booklet out loud for the kids! 11-03-2017
- Las Lindas - And there we have Miles and Rachael out for a nice walk together! 03-06-2017
- Las Lindas - That's one lovely poster with Taffy the family have hanging there on the wall! 19-08-2017
- Las Lindas - Wonder where Amanda has gotten that Mora-ring she seems to be wearing? 31-08-2018

Rascals cameos/references can be found in:
- Yosh! - Gotta say that Christmas-sweater would have looked nice on Reiko... size or not...! 25-12-2013
- UberQuest - Jazmin seems to enjoy a quiet time at the bar... while it lasts anyway! 16-08-2014
- Desert Fox - Chrissy enjoys hanging out in the park and chatting... and Chris likes what he sees! 04-05-2016
- iMew - Nice, it that one of the most wanted Rascals t-shirts to be spotted there? 20-02-2018

Hogan's Notes:

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