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- The Ghoul - The streets ARE packed with people from all over the place... even from The Ghoul! 15-05-2021
- When Winter Ends - In the packed streets lots of people gather, and one of them seems to be Joah! 15-05-2021
- Bane of the Cosmos - When the town is as packed as this its easy to overlook one from Bane of the Cosmos in the crowd! 15-05-2021
- Angel From Snow - In a city as packed as this you might not notice that there's someone from Angel from snow around! 15-05-2021
- Demihumans - In the packed streets you might easily overlook him, but it IS Glen who's walking by! 15-05-2021
- Blooming Days - In streets THIS packed your are excused if you dont notice one from Blooming Days walking by! 15-05-2021
- Almighty Protectors - Yep, the town IS packed, but we still spot Flame Thrower walking around in the crowd! 15-05-2021
- Stories From the Golden Garden - The streets are packed but Alfredo still finds his way into our view! 15-05-2021

Realmwalker cameos/references can be found in:
- Almighty Protectors - Cerunnos is an ally you can count on when summoned! Gueststrip22-12-2021

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