- None recorded

- Heart Shaped Box - Al has turned up in the Old West to apparently celebrate Halloween! 31-10-2006
- Shiny Things - The Spiky Haired One and The Dead Cat happends to be in the saloon come this Halloween! 31-10-2006
- Rob and Elliot - Rob hangs around in the Halloween Caper Saloon, celebrating this time of the year! 31-10-2006
- Questionable Content - Even a Halloween party in the Old Wild West can not keep Pintsize out of it! 31-10-2006
- Matriculated - Jeremy hangs around in the Saloon in the Wild West Town during Halloween! 31-10-2006
- Gunnerkrigg Court - In the bar, in the town in the old Wild West we find... Mr. Eglamore! 31-10-2006
- One Man Knife Fight - Figuring that a saloon would reveal El Scorcho celebrating Halloween! 31-10-2006
- Bad Guy High - None other than Super Dan shows up to celebrate Halloween in the old saloon! 31-10-2006
- According to Plan - For a Killer Halloween Party in the Wild Wesst, off course the Viking will show up! 31-10-2006
- Questionable Content - For Halloween Fletcher dresses up as his favorite character... Pintsize! 01-11-2007
- According to Plan - Going completely Nordic, Billy is dressed up as the Viking for Halloween! 01-11-2007
- Trapped in a Comic - For Halloween, Sebastian has gone great lengths to dress up as Patrick! 01-11-2007
- Shiny Things - Sebastiona and Billy tries out costumes representing the Shiny Things for Halloween! 01-11-2007
- Antcomics - Fletcher is actually looking great in his Adam Ant dressup for Halloween! 01-11-2007
- FantastiTeam - This Halloween, all three guys try dressing up as the whole of FantastiTeam! 01-11-2007
- Gunnerkrigg Court - Okay, dressing up for Halloween as Annie and Kat, may NOT be smart... for all! 01-11-2007

Rebound cameos/references can be found in:
- Antcomics - Sebastian wonders who the hell he has been grouped with in the games-assignment! 19-11-2007
- Antcomics - Billy has snuck in to be among he many people present at Antcomics' 100th strip celebration! 28-07-2008

Hogan's Notes:

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